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Grid Kids are Creepy

seb gridOne of the sillier things about F1 motor racing is the grid girls. They have been a feature of the sport for many years, standing around smiling, but doing not a lot.

Their excuse is to hold lollipops to show who is who on the starting grid. Continue reading


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Ivan would have been Terrible

ivan-rogersThe resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers as the UK’s ambassador to the EU is both welcome and appropriate.

This is not criticise his professional abilities. But to have a Remainian in post during the Brexit negotiations would be like having a fascist as PM during WWII, or a communist as head of MI6 during the cold war, or a member of the KKK in charge of race relations.

We need as our ambassador someone who wants in his or her heart to get on with Brexit, and to do it promptly, properly and thoroughly.

A particularly striking need for the UK to escape the EU emerged a week or so ago from the Government’s consultation document Technical consultation on motor insurance: consideration of the European Court of Justice ruling in the case of Damijan Vnuk v Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d (C-162/13). It does not sound very exciting, but it is a real Continue reading

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Brexit on the Track


Lewis Hamilton Unrepentant

Just a few days after the Brexit decision by the voters of the UK, German driver Nico Rosberg attempted to run English driver Lewis Hamilton off the track in the Austrian Grand Prix.  It was on the last lap, when the faster Hamilton was overtaking the slower Rosberg. Rosberg’s brakes were already damaged and the result of the collision was that Hamilton won the race and Rosberg limped home 4th with his car even more damaged.  As I write this, the stewards are considering whether to further penalise the German for his poor behaviour.

The Austrian crowd booed Hamilton as he took his prize.  Unsurprisingly, Hamilton was Continue reading

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Hillsborough Baby Of Truth Thrown Out With The Bathwater Of Fudge

I posted a while ago about the Hillsborough Report, in which a panel set up by Liverpudlian Government Minister Andy Burnham[1] and chaired by the Bishop of Liverpool, exonerated some Liverpool football fans.  These were the fans who in 1989 crushed to death 96 other Liverpool fans while trying to get into a football ground in Yorkshire to watch a football match that was just starting.  The finding was that the fans who did the crushing were not at all responsible for those deaths. It was all the fault of the police and other authorities.

map hillsboroughNow, in case you, dear reader, are American or otherwise a bit vague about English geography, I should explain that the north of England is divided by the Pennines, a range of hills which runs North-South. The Pennines are too hilly for anything much apart from a National Park.  On the West is Lancashire: the two big cities are Liverpool and Manchester. And on the East is Yorkshire, including York and Sheffield. There has been a bit of rivalry between them.  In 1455, for example, they went to war[2], and stayed at war for 30 years. Exact figures are hard to come by, but perhaps about 50,000 people were killed in that conflict[3]; it was ended, ironically, by a Welshman, Henry Tudor, at the Battle of Bosworth, who promptly got himself Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet are now Both Sex Offenders


Romeo and Juliet would now both liable to lengthy prison sentences for sexual offences including “grooming”

Some months ago, young man and a young woman engaged in some snogging and even some heavy petting in his car in the North of England. It was entirely consensual; they had been exchanging messages about getting together.

Why, you might ask, is this normal if somewhat tawdry behaviour of any concern to any of us? The answer is that the intrusion of the heavy arm of the law on this occasion has proved to be hugely damaging, both the young man and the rest of us who pay tax.

The young woman in question was 15 years old, and for most of the population of most of Europe[1], the behaviour of this young couple would have been absolutely lawful; the pair of them could have snogged, heavily petted and bonked to their hearts content, so long as they were both willing. These sorts of interactions are very common; it seems that about a quarter of young English women first experience sexual Continue reading

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Scrummy Women

wrIt is nice to see that England are currently top of the Six Nations Rugby table. But playing Ireland on Sunday – could be tough.

Meanwhile the Welsh girls are leading the women’s rugby equivalent. The English girls beat Italy the other day 39 – 7, but somehow I find it hard to warm to the concept of Women’s Rugby.

It’s not that I think women should stay in the kitchen. More that blue stockings are more attractive Continue reading

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Robot v Jamie

cricketmachine“This is not a toy”, it says on the sticker.

Nonsense.  It is a brilliant toy.

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Out of the Hunt

james huntLike many people, I suspect, I used to think that James Hunt was a bit of a plonker.  He was a few years older than me – when he was winning the world championship in 1976, I was just finishing law school. We admired his heroic driving, or course, but his poor manners seemed boorish.

Later, I warmed to him. There was something very sad about the extent to which he was laid low by his divorce from his second wife. He worked a few days a year – commentating on the races for the BBC – but was by then so poor that he had to bicycle from his home into London to get to the studio.  And then Continue reading

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Grumpy and Happy

A recently popular gag goes like this:

I’m not a very good driver. I crashed out into another car at the lights the other day.  Driver got out – he was dwarf.  He looked at the damage to his car and then came over. “I’m not happy” he said.  “Which one are you, then?” I asked him.

San Jose TennisThe real Grumpy – Andy Murray – is not a dwarf at all, and seems to be as happy as a Scotsman ever gets, having just won Wimbledon. He is well-known Anglophobe, so why he should have wanted so much to win The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club championship is a bit of a mystery. Continue reading

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Hoop yet

cropped-header211South Australian croquet seems to be looking up somewhat after a relatively fallow period. A South Australian player (Simon Hockey) made to the final of the Australian Men’s Single, and the team narrowly missed out on the runner-up slot in the inter-state Eire Cup.  Not dominant, but a lot better than some recent performances.

The secret of this recovery? Continue reading

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