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Hillsborough Baby Of Truth Thrown Out With The Bathwater Of Fudge

I posted a while ago about the Hillsborough Report, in which a panel set up by Liverpudlian Government Minister Andy Burnham[1] and chaired by the Bishop of Liverpool, exonerated some Liverpool football fans.  These were the fans who in 1989 crushed to death 96 other Liverpool fans while trying to get into a football ground in Yorkshire to watch a football match that was just starting.  The finding was that the fans who did the crushing were not at all responsible for those deaths. It was all the fault of the police and other authorities.

map hillsboroughNow, in case you, dear reader, are American or otherwise a bit vague about English geography, I should explain that the north of England is divided by the Pennines, a range of hills which runs North-South. The Pennines are too hilly for anything much apart from a National Park.  On the West is Lancashire: the two big cities are Liverpool and Manchester. And on the East is Yorkshire, including York and Sheffield. There has been a bit of rivalry between them.  In 1455, for example, they went to war[2], and stayed at war for 30 years. Exact figures are hard to come by, but perhaps about 50,000 people were killed in that conflict[3]; it was ended, ironically, by a Welshman, Henry Tudor, at the Battle of Bosworth, who promptly got himself Continue reading


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Crushed to death

The panel headed by the Bishop of Liverpool has said that Yorkshire police lied about the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, in which dozens of Liverpool football fans were crushed to death by other Liverpool football fans pushing their way into the ground for an FA match.

It may well be that the police did not do a very good of policing on that day.  And that they exaggerated the extent to which the fans who did the pushing had been drinking.  And that they tried to cover up their own failings.  All very regrettable, and the Prime Minister has apologised to the family of the dead.

But. But.  It was not the police who did the pushing or the crushing.  Continue reading

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