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The Next Thing

Okay, people, let’s check up on where we are in relation to Brexit following the European elections and the resignation of Theresa May.

I fear there is a real risk that the Tory MPs (who are not voting for the two candidates  who should go to the National party for a choice, but rather who are voting for the one person they think should lead the party, plus the second most popular choice for the one person they think they should lead the party) will select 2 Brino candidates. If that happens (and I think it would be a massive mistake for the Tory party, but not impossible) the Tory party and the nation will be denied the opportunity to elect their overwhelming favourite as leader of their party, and hence Prime Minister.

But let’s suppose that common sense – or at least a sense of self-preservation – means that the Tory MPs will put forward at least one true Brexiteer for the Tory party national vote, which means of course that such a candidate will wipe the floor with the Brino, and so we will have a true Brexiteer as Prime Minister.

The experts on Parliamentary procedure seem to be agreed: a Prime Minister determined to honour the result of the 2016 referendum can push through Brexit on a clean break basis, regardless of the opposition of the majority of MPs in Parliament. The Labour Party has made clear that in such circumstances they would then Continue reading

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Not out of the Woods Yet

Boris Johnson is course by far the most popular prospect for Tory leader, and hence Prime Minister, following the resignation of the disgraceful Theresa May. And equally clearly, he is by far the best prospect for the Tory party in the next general election.

But is that enough?

To get elected, he needs to be in the Tory MP’s top 2. And to get into the top 2, Boris faces a couple of formidable challenges:

  • carrie

    Carrie Symonds


    First, he is not much liked among his fellow Tory MPs. He is too clever, too lazy, his current partner Carrie Symonds is too young (some 24 years his junior) and too good looking, he earns too much money from journalism and whenever he appears on the gogglebox, he steals their limelight.

  • Secondly, there is still a substantial majority among Tory MPs for Brino[1]. They get the votes in the first round; they chose the 2 who go forward for the party members’ choice. They might well vote for 2 Brino candidates. So that the party members do not, in the 2nd round, get to opportunity to vote for a real Brexiteer at all.

The Maybot’s resignation is of course very welcome. But we are not out of the woods. She remains the holder of executive power in the coming weeks. There remains a real risk that she and Ollie Robbins might well seek to Continue reading

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Berlin Rules: Europe and the German Way

Berlin rulesI refused to pay the extortionate price that Australian booksellers charge for Paul Lever’s Berlin Rules: Europe and the German Way, but my lovely daughter Annabel sent me a copy.

As the reviews rightly say, it is excellent: a fluent and utterly compelling read by someone who knows very well what he is talking about[1]. Everyone who expresses an opinion on Brexit should read it in full.

Sir Paul evidently likes the Germans, among whom he lived and worked for many years. It is not in any sense an anti-German diatribe. He reckons that it is fair enough for them to look after their own interests, and generally, that they go about that task competently enough. But it is frank about the reality of the EU these days. In summary:

  • Nothing of any consequence is done in the EU without German approval;
  • To understand what the German politicians approve and what they do not approve, it is necessary to look at what they do, not what they say (not at all the same thing);
  • They say they are for EU ideals, but in fact all their decisions are based on what they judge best for Germany;
  • In particular, Germany is keen to prevent any other EU economy being able to mount any effective challenge to the dominance of German industry;
  • This German domination is not because of any meglomaniac ambition by Germany. It has simply evolved that the EU as a whole, organised from the start on German lines, has fallen into line behind its most economically powerful member.

He also says, contrary to the fears of many, that there is no real risk of the EU becoming Continue reading

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For the Bees

beeI am all in favour of biodiversity, of course. And my guess is that loss of bees might well be a far bigger risk to us humans than climate change.

Part of the problem is the EU, which insists on the use of pesticides instead of GM crops, and those pesticides are very bad news for bees. Presumably because German companies make a lot of money out of selling pesticides.

Less worrying, perhaps, is the threat to the Lesser Essex Warble-throated Tinglethrush. Or the rarely seen Amazonian Redbacked Bottlesnail, if such creatures are among the million species which the UN days are under threat. Lovely as they might be, why I wonder are they essential to the continued existence of the human race?

So I thought I might look it up, and went to Continue reading

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Bounced in

chicken-wire.jpgGraham Potter, of the wonderful Country Gates, has been making a gate and and now a new front door for The Phenelry. Long ago, he farmed. Indeed, he used once to own the land on which The Phenelry now stands. And so he is well-qualified to give me useful advice as to why my wisterias have not been doing well.


The rotters have been eating the wisteria shoots and leaves as soon as they appear.

So I put up some chicken wire today, which will hopeful give the poor wisteria a better chance.

Once the wisteria reaches the top of the pergola, then I can remove the chicken wire, and the kangaroos will be welcome to do some low level pruning for me. The wisterias’ long-term job is to provide dappled shade for my verandah in the summer.

I was wondering why there has been so much kangaroo poo so Continue reading

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Bounced Out

awI do not know, of course if Gavin Williamson was really the source (if any) of the leak.

And obviously, revealing secrets is a BAD THING.


  • Revealing that the Maybot’s opening of the UK’s 5G door to Huawei was against ministerial advice is hardly a secret of itself;
  • Nor that it was against security chiefs’ advice;
  • Not that it is highly offensive to and worrying for our closest allies;
  • The Maybot has form for not only massive incompetence, but for her duplicity, for saying one thing and doing another, as she repeatedly compromises the UK’s national sovereignty and independence;
  • The civil sevants who have accused him of being the leak have apparently been “out to get him” for a while.

Gavin Williamson says he has been condemned by a kangaroo court. He might be right; who knows? It is no great surprise that his enemies say, “Of course it was him”.

And it would not be total surprise if Continue reading

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