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ABC Not Learning from its Mistakes

The ABC (the major Government-sponsored Radio & TV broadcaster in Australia) is a weird organisation.

michael rowlandHaving been travelling a fait bit recently, I have been waking up in hotel rooms and, as one does, turning on the TV whilst working out how to get an early morning cup of tea of coffee out of a kettle which is the size and weight of a chaffinch. The ABC have a perfectly likeable chap called Michael Rowland, who does a good job of cheerfully hosting their breakfast programme. His job description evidently calls on him to smile a lot, which is fine – no one wants to listen to a misery-guts first thing in the morning. Should not be hard, you might thing, for an easy-going, affable chap like Michael Rowland.

Virginia trioliBut the ABC put him through daily torture Continue reading


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A Grizzly Irony

There is a grizzly irony about the shooting down of MH17 by Ukrainian separatists and the deaths of so many civilians in Gaza – they are both the work of the same people.

KhazariaNot literally of course, but it works like this. In about 740AD King Bulan of Khazaria converted to Judaism. Probably, this is because he was being squeezed by Orthodox Christians on one side and Islam on the other. Over the next hundred years or so, pretty much all the other Khazars followed suit. Zharaia was in those days a vast state, north of and between the Black and Caspian Seas, being – roughly speaking – modern day eastern Ukraine, southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and western Khazakstan. There were a lot of Khazars by the standards of the time: the population of about 1½ million was much bigger than, for example, that of England.

Precisely how many of the world’s Jews descend from the Khazars is a matter of hot debate. Zionists like to think Continue reading

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How to deliver a fridge

There are a couple of things one might say if a friend suggests that one helps him deliver a use commercial fridge to a cattle station some 2000 kilometers away. They boil down, essentially, to “yes” and “no”.  Having just spent a week in trial in Melbourne, I thought it might be good idea to swop my wig for an Akubra for a few days. So I said yes.

IMGP5271The fridge was duly loaded up on the back of a ute.  I joined the delivery process at Alice Springs airport: our destination was Napperby Station, just a couple of hundred kilometres out of Alice. The fridge was, of course, quite heavy, but that was no problem, at all:  the owner of the station, Roy Chisholm, has loads of boy’s toys, including Continue reading

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