Other Stuff

Law stuff

My legal pages, which concern my practice as a barrister, are at www.users.on.net/~rjfenwickelliott/

My previous Adelaide law firm’s website is at http://www.feg.com.au

My London law firm’s website is at http://www.fenwickelliott.co.uk

Climate Fun Stuff

My Tim Flannery page is here.

Beautiful Stuff


Louise’s flower site is at louisewoodhouseflowers.com and her photography site is at louisewoodhousephotography.com.

These are the places you should head if you would like some flowers delivered in Adelaide, or would like some some really good photographs taken of your family, or for your firm, or anything else really. Or if you want flowers and/or photographs for a wedding.

Croquet Stuff

The site for my croquet mallets is at insearchoftheperfectmallet.com.  So that is where you head if you want a groovy croquet mallet.

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