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In spite of Brexit…

Stokes… England has won the 3rd Ashes Test, making (I believe) the highest run chase in England test match history.

The Remoaners must be spitting tacks. Everything was supposed be be going to pot as a result of the referendum, and the appointment of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister was supposed to make the milk in everyone’s fridge go sour overnight.

Instead of that, the Brexit spirit seems to be doing rather well. England is not Continue reading

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Feeling Fine

Robbie Road chez MalcThe band in which I play, Robbie Road, likes to try new material. Sometimes we play songs that we have written ourselves, and sometimes songs written by other people. We have turned our attention recently to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

Some people have assumed that the song was written for Caroline Kennedy, but Neil Diamond says no. Rather it was written for his second wife Marcia, but he couldn’t find any suitable rhymes from Marcia.

One can see his point. It would not really have worked to have included lyrics like:

I used to hang out with Continue reading

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