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Cold is coming…

RedSkyIt is my own fault really.  When recently in England, I foolishly boasted that a typical Adelaide winter day was not unlike a typical English summer day. As it happened, the weather in England was really nice; warm and sunny, when the countryside looking at its early summer best.

Conversely, having got back home to Adelaide, it has been cold and wet.  There was a red sky a couple of nights ago. Shepherd’s delight? No, it’s bloody freezing.

Furthermore, I can feel a cold coming on.  I have Continue reading

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Roll with Laughter

LawSocI was walking down Chancery Lane in London a few days ago, past the Law Society. A good opportunity to check that my name is no longer on the English Solicitors’ Roll now I am at the South Australian bar, so I popped in. Did they have someone who could help me? No, not in person, but there would be someone who could help me available on the hotline telephone in the corner. The word “help” turned out to be less than entirely accurate. The conversation went something like this:

ME:                 I just want to check on the status of my name on the Roll.

VOICE:           Yes, sir. Can I have your full name?

ME:                 [full name] Continue reading

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Dark Liquor

WP_20140608_001Whilst staying with my old friend Ian Posgate at Badgemoor, he was kind enough to share a splash of this very unusual whisky, which appears to be an admirable private venture. Very dark, and with huge overtones of grape. Matured in sherry casks? Madeira casks? Or even port casks?

It was hard to tell, even after a second glass. Continue reading

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Mrs Perdita Shripton at Daycare

PerditaCaptureI have been traveling recently. Whilst I was away, Neighbours A very thoughtfully took Perdita along with their own dogs to daycare on the day that Neighbours B were removing a nest of asbestos. The doggy daycare centre has just posted its video showing its canine ankle biters having a whale of a time – hours of endless romping fun. At 2.06 of the video (I would not suggest it necessary for anyone to watch the whole thing, unless of course you are on the lookout for the hilarious antics of your own darling pooch) we see Perdita, for all the world looking as if she is saying, “Have any of you children seen my copy of the Literary Review?”

It will be very good to see her again this week; one misses one’s dog whilst one is away. Continue reading

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