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4967016516_e6cd32afdb_bWell, what the heck??!

It seems there is something called the Lingerie League, where women play American football in their underwear. Including faux straps for non-existent stockings.

Decent lingerie is fine. But there is a time and a place!

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The Government makes us Fat

Just watched a very interesting programme on SBS on how important bacteria are to controlling our weight.  The less the diversity of the bacteria in our guts, the fatter we get, they say.  I think they are right.

It is notable that most of the problem is the governments around the world. Viz:

  • They pay for doctors to prescribe antibiotics. It is hard to resist the conclusion that antibiotics reduce biodiversity in our bodies, and hence make us fatter. A handy fix, but at the cost of our health.
  • Here in Oz they ban raw cheese. Totally potty. Really smelly cheese is exactly what we need for biodiversity in our guts.
  • Dog bans are everywhere. But dogs are a really good source of healthy bacteria. Really dumb.

There is an interesting thought. Why are French women relatively thin, notwithstanding Continue reading

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Triple Bump

Some clients solicitors sent me a “secure” USB. It crashed my work desktop. Admittedly, that machine was already a bit dickey with a suspect motherboard, so maybe it was not entirely the USB’s fault (it worked OK on an old laptop). Anyway, now that machine is in the shop being fixed.

Massive storms continue here. A 9 hour power cut yesterday, so no internet connection at all then.  Worse is foreshadowed tonight, and the house is shaking a bit in the wind.  My dam has overflowed.

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Dog Days and Plane Days

wp_20160914_002A fair hunk of my time recently has been spent on aeroplanes, instead of at home with my dog.  Right now, I am in Santiago, for the third time this year. The first was for the DRBF Conference, and this trip it is just passing through (both ways) from the SCL Conference in Sao Paulo.

Myponga Beach to Sao Paulo is a fair old haul. In terms of miles, it is closer than London, but here’s the thing. I drive to Adelaide airport (an hour). I wait for a plane. I fly to Sydney. More waiting. Then across the Tasman to Auckland. Ditto. Then across the Pacific to Santiago.  Ditto. Then over the Andes to Sao Paulo. A bit of immigration control, which was not too bad at all. Then a taxi between the airport and the venue (allow 1 ½ hours, said the hotel). 2 ½ days at the conference, barely seeing the city outside the conference hotel, and then the whole thing in reverse. So in time terms, the journey is about the same as to London (just one plane stop on the way to there)

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