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Soaking rich

bathYou would need to be seriously, seriously rich to want to spend $49,157 for a bath.

It does not even come with taps. They are Continue reading


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LighthouseSIt is a delight to see my godson Ollie Lockhart doing such brilliant and amusing things at The Lighthouse Stroud.

Good for him.

Get yourself armed with a cup of coffee, settle back and click the “doing” above.

I liked Continue reading

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Nose job

noseMy daughter Annabel Fenwick Elliott has been let loose at the London Telegraph to write about all sorts of other stuff apart from travel (her main subject).

An article of hers just published is about her nose job.  As usual, a really good read.

Curious, I decided to read the comments. Sometimes, readers’ comments can be viciously unpleasant. But this time, I rather agree with the general drift: she looked Continue reading

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How Hot Are We? Ice with That?


Readers of these pages will know that I am somewhat sceptical of the claim that we are hurtling towards mass extinction because of global warming. But it looks like the UK government is moving towards a position where flying around the world will be severely curtailed, if not outright banned, as they demand a state of “zero net emissions”. So I thought I might just review where we are.

Here is the graph of the Annual Global Mean Temperature Anomaly Over Land & Sea – 1880 to Present. As you can see, there was cooling from around 1880 to 1910, then warming from 1910 to 1940, then nothing much either way from 1940 until around 1970, then warming until around 2000, since when there has been nothing much (maybe some slight warming). You can make your own minds up about whether the warming from 1970 to 2000 (a period when CO2 levels went way up) is that much more drastic than the warming from 1910 to 1940 (when they did not).



View vary, or course about Continue reading

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Protected: The Other Side of D-Day – the Defence of a United Europe

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Ash Racket

AshCongratulations to Australian tennis player Ashleigh Barty, who has just won the French Open.

She is an elegant player, mercifully free of the grunting that plagues many women in her sport, and a delight to watch play. By all accounts, she is also a rather good egg,  which is an added bonus.

a paintersThe flopsies are hailing her as “indigenous” and an aborigine. Now, that is a bit dubious.  Real aborigine women are Continue reading

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The Rogue on Prorogue

prorogWhat a cheek!

I suggested progroguing parliament back in March in order to get Brexit through.

If Rory Stewart did not like the idea, he should have said so then. Far too late now, on Peston, I’d say, to start suggesting that the idea is unconstitutional, or “just wouldn’t work”.

No excuse for him to say he does not read these pages. He should be Continue reading

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Bee Happy

Bee hotelIt will come as no surprise to those familiar with the absurd overegulation in this State that it is illegal to help the bees by having bee hives – or even a single bee hive – on one’s property without a licence and even then a pile of regulations apply.

So I have built a bee hotel for my local bees, and hung it up on the back of my workshop. There is a lot a lavender here, so hopefully this will make their visits more comfortable for them.

I have incorporated a couple of glass jars, on the basis that I might put some Continue reading

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Which Jeremy?

POTUS Trump has been behaving himself since the wheels of Air Force 1 touched down.

corbyn march.jpgMeanwhile, the Magic Grandpa has refused to attend the state banquet. The thing is, he is happier on a picket line, or a protest march, than in the corridors of power. So he would be an utterly disastrous PM.  Especially since his friend John McDonnell would presumably become Chancellor of the Exchecher, and his avowed aim is to destroy economy as it presently is: he is still a Marxist who thinks Marx has not yet had a fair run and who wants the UK to rerun the Venezuela experiment.

The Tory wets would like Jeremy Hunt to be the next PM. A bright guy, for sure, but he also would be a terrible PM. In answer to the question, “How should the chicken cross the road?” he says: “Compromise. Stop half way.” Which might appeal to a parliamentary conundrum, but which would be serously unwise for the country, which is baying the answer: “Get on with it!”

If the Tories fail to elect Continue reading

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The Next Thing

Okay, people, let’s check up on where we are in relation to Brexit following the European elections and the resignation of Theresa May.

I fear there is a real risk that the Tory MPs (who are not voting for the two candidates  who should go to the National party for a choice, but rather who are voting for the one person they think should lead the party, plus the second most popular choice for the one person they think they should lead the party) will select 2 Brino candidates. If that happens (and I think it would be a massive mistake for the Tory party, but not impossible) the Tory party and the nation will be denied the opportunity to elect their overwhelming favourite as leader of their party, and hence Prime Minister.

But let’s suppose that common sense – or at least a sense of self-preservation – means that the Tory MPs will put forward at least one true Brexiteer for the Tory party national vote, which means of course that such a candidate will wipe the floor with the Brino, and so we will have a true Brexiteer as Prime Minister.

The experts on Parliamentary procedure seem to be agreed: a Prime Minister determined to honour the result of the 2016 referendum can push through Brexit on a clean break basis, regardless of the opposition of the majority of MPs in Parliament. The Labour Party has made clear that in such circumstances they would then Continue reading

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