A Grizzly Irony

There is a grizzly irony about the shooting down of MH17 by Ukrainian separatists and the deaths of so many civilians in Gaza – they are both the work of the same people.

KhazariaNot literally of course, but it works like this. In about 740AD King Bulan of Khazaria converted to Judaism. Probably, this is because he was being squeezed by Orthodox Christians on one side and Islam on the other. Over the next hundred years or so, pretty much all the other Khazars followed suit. Zharaia was in those days a vast state, north of and between the Black and Caspian Seas, being – roughly speaking – modern day eastern Ukraine, southern Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and western Khazakstan. There were a lot of Khazars by the standards of the time: the population of about 1½ million was much bigger than, for example, that of England.

Precisely how many of the world’s Jews descend from the Khazars is a matter of hot debate. Zionists like to think that the gift to them of Israel in 1948 amounted to a return to their homeland. Those less sympathetic say that the overwhelming majority of the Jews on the world – and indeed the modern population of Israel – have no genetic connection with the Middle East at all. In the 1970s, Arthur Koestler’s book The Thirteenth Tribe was published providing evidence for the later view. The Zionists hate it, of course, and some say the subsequent death of Koestler and this wife was not double suicide but a Mossad murder. They are almost certainly wrong about that, but the accusation illustrates the depth of feeling about the topic. Koestler’s analysis was that the vast majority of Jews are so-called Ashkenazi Jews, with no genetic connection to Palestine:

As Koestler points out, Jews of our times fall into two main divisions: Sephardim and Ashkenazim. The Sephardi, descendants of the Jews who had lived in Spain until their expulsion, with the Muslims, at the end of the 15th century, and who later settled in the countries bordering on the Mediterranean, spoke a Spanish-Hebrew dialect, Ladino. In the 1960s, the Sephardim numbered about 500,000. The Ashkenazim, at the same period, were about 11 million. Thus, “in common parlance, Jew is practically synonymous with Ashkenazi Jew.”

It is a topic that is heavily affected by prejudice on both sides, but whatever view is taken about the precise numbers, a fair view is that many present-day Israelis are largely descended from the Zhazars, or to put it in more modern terms, Ukrainians and Russians.

Views also differ about blameworthiness for these two recent events. In the MH17 incident 298 innocent people were killed. It was almost certainly the work of the Ukrainian separatists, armed by Russia. And almost certainly it was an accident, in the sense that what they were trying to do was to shoot down a Ukrainian military transport plane, and there is evidence that they are surprised not to see a military crew bail out with parachutes, presumably because they wanted to capture them and spoil their day. Massively culpable, of course, but in legal terms, we are probably talking, not murder, but the lesser crime of manslaughter.

The IsraelPALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-GAZAi attack on Gaza has been much more expensive in terms of innocent people being killed – the toll is now apparently chasing 2000 dead. Internationally, the Israelis have many friends in high places, of course. They persuade the United States to give Israel billions of dollars in military aid each year. And many people believe them when they say that are acting in self defence. But shelling children’s hospitals and playgrounds is not a good look for the Israelis. It is not all one sided, of course, but for every one Israeli killed, there have been some 20 Palestinian dead since this assault started. These are not accidental deaths.

What links these mass homicides is that they are both the work of the modern-day Khazars, in the sense described above.

Personally, I am neither Jewish nor religious. But if I were, I would be praying like billio that the Israelis would stop the bloodshed. Not only because the death of so many innocent Palestinians is appalling. But also because the last 1000 years’ history is littered with examples of violent backlashes against the Jews, and recent events in Gaza are hardly calculated to avoid repetition.





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