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Out of the Hunt

james huntLike many people, I suspect, I used to think that James Hunt was a bit of a plonker.  He was a few years older than me – when he was winning the world championship in 1976, I was just finishing law school. We admired his heroic driving, or course, but his poor manners seemed boorish.

Later, I warmed to him. There was something very sad about the extent to which he was laid low by his divorce from his second wife. He worked a few days a year – commentating on the races for the BBC – but was by then so poor that he had to bicycle from his home into London to get to the studio.  And then Continue reading

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Sitting Pretty

chairI now know more than I knew last week about castors for office chairs. I had one break. So I went to replace it.

They only cost $10 for a set of 5. But you need to get the right pintel diameter.  Most modern office chairs take a 11mm pintel. I have had my office chair (which I have in my study at home) for quite a while now – I like it and it is comfortable. But here’s the thing. It takes a 10mm pintel. Go to the average office chair shop and they say “Nah, mate [sniff]. Dairn’t see vem no more. Izaw levemill vese daze.”

But here’s the thing.  The other thing.  Ikea Continue reading

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