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Nice weather in Adelaide

The weather is Adelaide has been perfect recently; not too hot, not too cold, lovely clear skies: brilliant.

But I note that it has been getting somewhat cooler in Adelaide over the last 20 years, not warmer. Here is the data:


It turns out that Adelaide is not alone. Continue reading

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Losing it

I have been losing weight – about 2 stone now – and dead dull it is too.

It was hard not to be struck by this image: probably pretty unfair, but it rings a certain bell. It is unfair because Nigella might well look just as scrummy if she were a vegetarian, or a vegan.  Although, I have to say that when I go into a health food shop (which is not that often) I am struck by how unwell everyone looks. Continue reading

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Drowning by Numbers

It was very sad to see the death of a young man in a life-saving competition in Australia last week. He drowned.

It is one of those modern shibboleths that learning to swim is in the interests of safety. Not actually true; it is thus one of a suite of similar now-institutionalised half-baked myths: Continue reading

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Big bird

Walking the dog on the beach this morning, I saw this bird, which looked too big for a gull. Anybody got any idea what it is?


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ChicoER junk

I was unwise enough to click on a “like” for a post as requested by Anthony Watts of WUWT and now my Facebook is cluttered up with unwanted junk from these people. There is no relevant “friend” to unfriend”. Anyone know how to “unfollow” or whatever to get rid of this stuff? I do not want to change my setting generally; just get ChicoER (whoever they are) off my patch!

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