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It’s a Big Wind That’s Goin’ to Blow

nicastriIt is hardly surprising news that the wind farm business in Europe is riddled with corruption, because the public money thrown at them it is essentially based on deception; certainly, the governments who have been pushing the warmist agenda have no great interest in any revealing of what is actually going on with the taxpayers’ money that they provide in subsidies.  And this of course is perfect breeding ground for crime for organised crime.

In Italy, the organised crime is run by the mafia, and the Italian police gamely plug away at the task of trying to rein the mafia in. They have just seized the wind farm assets of a Sicilian gentleman, Vito Nicastri – some €1.3 billion according to Corriere della sera – who is alleged to perform laundry services for the mafia. Continue reading

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sud1People sometimes ask what I miss about England living in Australia.  A number of things of course, but there are largely fixable:

  • Proper Marmite.  But I can get people to bring supplies out when they visit.
  • The News Quiz.  But I can get that on the BBC podcast regime.
  • Eccentrics. Somewhat rare here, but there are a few delightful examples.
  • The Times cryptic crossword puzzle.  But they publish that in The Australian, which is the nearest Australia gets to a decent newspaper.

A small indulgence I sometimes allow myself is to do the Sudoku puzzles. Continue reading

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