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david_brown_speedback_17This looks very much like proof that it is possible to make a beautiful modern car.

It is from David Brown Automotive. This David Brown is apparently no relation to the David Brown who was behind Aston Martin in the golden era of the DB6, but there is a distinct flavour of the Aston Martin about this car. Continue reading


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How Now Brown Owl

owlPerdita was barking inthe garden this morning.  Why? Because there was a owl sitting in a tree, giving her a very superior sort of a look. Continue reading

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Rocky Horror meets The Wiggles

Frank2I lived for a while just off King’s Road in Chelsea in the 1970s, and so of course I went to see the original stage production of The Rocky Horror Show which was running in the theatre on the corner.  Since then, I have seen the film a couple of times. In those days – before Aids rendered casual sex less fashionable – it was a fabulous show.  Silly, of course, but also satisfyingly subversive.  But all that stuff is getting on a bit now, and when a friend suggested that I join her to see the latest stage manifestation in Adelaide last night, I was Continue reading

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Audrey Sunday

IMGP5025My friends The Audreys were playing at the Turkey Flat vineyard, in the Barossa Valley, yesterday.

Brilliant as usual, this time in a small informal venue.

They have a new album out: ‘Til My Tears Roll Away. Continue reading

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One D Printing

abellemailMy first daughter, Annabel, has been busy writing for the Daily Mail. This piece, from yesterday, is ‘Don’t confuse me with a lesbian’: Meet the tribe of Albanian mountain women who dress, work and live as men, and it is at Continue reading

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The Countries Game

old-map-281-300x231My friend Joanne has a thing called the countries game.  The idea is that you have to count how many countries you have been to. She has rules.

It is surprisingly hard. One writes a list, but then remembers other places one has been. I think I get 45, assuming that the Channels Islands are different countries.







Brazil Continue reading


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Easy Monday

crossword 3iii14The Times crossword was mercifully easy yesterday.  Which was good for morale.

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