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Cold comfort

jeremy-cordeaux-webI woke up this morning with a streaming cold. Nose like a leaky tap. Our children will hopefully live in a world where the medics will know how to treat the common cold virus.

In the afternoon, I was stopped at random in the city by Jeremy Cordeaux, of FIVEaa, who was armed with a microphone. He wanted to know what I thought about gay marriage. I said that I thought people should be allowed to do what ever they like, as long as they do not do it in the street, frighten the horses or hurt anyone else.

Had my head not been spinning with this streaming cold, I might have said something more profound.

Hopefully, the cold will have receded a bit by tomorrow. I have deployed my favoured remedy of hot orange juice, honey and whisky.  Probably does no good at all, but it is a comfort.

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The No Sex Game

BreakThis is quite a fun dinner party game. You have to identify the three most wonderful physical sensations you ever experienced. Apart from sex, of course. Otherwise, most people would include sex.

It is surprising how often the same things crop up: scuba diving on a coral reef, riding a decent motorbike through country roads and that sort of thing.

Of the sports, rugby crops Continue reading

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He was a Wyatt

WyattI was talking to a friend at lunch yesterday about why it is that I like so much Sir Thomas Wyatt as a poet. A little bit of it, of course, is that he was rather a cool dude. Apart from anything else, having had an affair with Anne Boleyn before Henry VIII got interested in her was quite stylish.

He has always been rather underestimated I think, partly because at the time he was overshadowed by Surrey, and partly because William Shakespeare came along in the next generation and outdid Continue reading

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Low Life

Some idiot stole my manuscript notebook of poems and songs the other day out of my car.  What possible value could it have to a thief?

I hold the socialists and anarchists to blame, for generally proposing that it is OK to steal as long as your victim has yet to prove that he/she is poorer than you,

Anyway, this song, happily, was on another piece of paper.

We might well play it next month, in Goodwood. It needs several players.

14 Lovers (c) Robert Fenwick Elliott 2015


5                             6

A             /             /                   /

She had fourteen lovers in a room upstairs

7                                         8

E                   /                   /    /

That’s two for every day of the week. Continue reading


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Something fishy?

sturgeonHappily, the pollsters were all wrong, and the Socialists are not going to get into 10 Downing Street after all. That is a huge relief to many of us. Instead, there will be dozens of Scottish Nationalists sitting on the opposition benches, who will no doubt be making a lot of loud but irrelevant Scottish noises over the next few years.

Given that the previous leaders of the Scottish Nationalist party have been called Salmon and Sturgeon, I looked at the list of them to see if there were any more in the new crop, called Morag Pike or Hamish Whiting, or any such. It seems Continue reading


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The Left Side of the Brain Controls the Right…

BrownThe Scots seem to be seriously pissed off.

Cameron is a Scottish name, but the present Prime Minister does not seem to be particularly Scottish. The last time the Scots had a real Prime Minister from the Conservative party was Sir Alec Douglas Hume in the 1960s, who is a very good chap in an aristocratic sort of way, but an absolutely appalling Prime Minister.

More recently, the Scots had a Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. He was a disaster too. People who know him say that he wasn’t quite as unpleasant as he seemed to be on the media, and that may well be true.

Anyway, the Scottish Nationalists, who used to be regarded as nutters, looks set to make this present election a complete disaster. They look like they are going to oust the Labour Party throughout Scotland. Present indicators, for what they are worth, suggest this will lead to another general election in the UK this year. Neither of the major parties are prepared to do any deals, they say, with the Scottish Elf Queen, Nicola Sturgeon.

A lot of this, I reckon, has got to do with Braveheart. It was a load of tripe, as a matter of historicity. But Continue reading

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Body imagery

body imageMy daughter Lucy has been busy making movies again, this time about body image. This short movie is on YouTube, and was picked up by the State Government, so that she was on a panel session yesterday with the Minister. Here is the 7 News clip – skip to 18 minutes in. If I were cleverer I would know how to copy these bits from my HDD recorder to my computer, so that I could add them. For that, I would need Continue reading

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PuzzleAlthough a waste of time really, I do like doing The Times crossword puzzle, which is reproduced here in The Australian newspaper.

It took me ages to get 14 down in Thursday’s puzzle: “Took in popular law lord in last month’s rise (8)”

Eventually, it dawned on me that this puzzle must originally have appeared in January, and so of course the answer is Continue reading

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