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Water in a Cage

Water CageBushfire is a real risk in Australia, and one of the rules is that when you are cutting the grass in a paddock, you’re supposed to have water on hand. So that if the blades hit a stone and create a spark, and if that spark starts igniting the dry grass, you can put it out straight away. Before it grows into a proper bushfire.

Until this week, this was a challenge because, although I have a perfectly adequate 12 litre sprayer, there is nowhere to carry it on my Toro zero turn Timecutter.

However, my friend Jeff, who knows how to do lots of things, including welding, has for a modest price knocked up a lovely cage which slots onto the back of my machine.

So now I can Continue reading

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Confidence in No Confidence


UnionWhiteWhat happens now, if the Remainers manage to get a “meaningful vote” purporting to rule out a clean break from the EU on 29th of March?

It might go like this:

  • Sometime in late March, there is a vote in the House of no confidence in the government. The DUP votes against the government, and perhaps even some Tories. The Labour Party, the SNP and the TIGs all vote against the government. Theresa May loses, and is obliged to call a general election;
  • Parliament is prorogued and dissolved pending a general election in April. In the meantime, the default position runs its course: the UK leaves the EU on 29th of March without a deal. Job done for Brexit.

What would be the position going forward?

In the Conservative party, MPs who have been guilty of trying to prevent Brexit will be punished for betraying the result of the 2016 referendum and the 2017 election pledges, and will be deselected. Theresa May will have to resign as party leader, and will be replaced by someone who believes in Brexit. The Conservatives will retain Continue reading

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A once in a wet weekend decision

StarmerSo. Jeremy Corbyn said last night that he will support second referendum on Brexit. The Remainers, of course, are delighted by this.[1] David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, said: “Jeremy Corbyn is today taking the first step to reunite our party by showing he is listening to our voters and members on this.”

Good luck with that. In the 2016 referendum, between 60 and 70% of labour-held constituencies voted for Brexit. That is less than the Brexit consensus in Conservative-held constituencies, of which about 75% voted for Brexit. Labour is already in electoral trouble, the far left having taken the party a long way from what typical labour voters want. Labour heading into second referendum territory will open up that schism even more.

Supporters of the second referendum say that the voters did not know what they were voting for last time around. That is utter nonsense. The remain campaign – and indeed David Cameron as the incumbent Prime Minister – warned that voting for Brexit would bring with it all sorts of economic ills. The government spent millions of pounds distributing its leaflet warning that leaving would create “uncertainty and risk” and “years of uncertainty and potential economic description. This would reduce investment and cost jobs”. But the electorate took that on board, and voted for Brexit anyway.

The people in the Labour Party who have brought about this change of position are not advocating a second referendum because there was anything wrong with the first referendum. They are doing so because they want to see a different result.

Back in 2016, of course, it was a different story. The Remainers expected to win then. And so the government leaflet said Continue reading

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Why The Greenies Hate Greening

earthThere is no doubt that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen in recent decades from about 300 ppm to about 400 ppm. A rise of about 30%. Which is quite significant.

What, if anything, is this doing to our planet?

The climate change lobby has for some time been asserting that this rise in the level of carbon dioxide is bound to cause runaway global warming. Unhappily for them, their predictions have not been made good. The best data are the lower atmosphere readings, because these are free from the errors and manipulations that were recently identified by Dr John McLean’s audit. The data shows that there was a temperature spike in 1998, following which there was a hiatus of around 15 years, during which time there was no increase in global temperatures. Then, in around 2014, there was another rise leading to a spike in 2016, temperatures then getting up to the same level as the 1998 spike. Since then, there has been some modest Continue reading

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No Escape

AntigoneSome cats are escape artists, but Antigone Victoria Powderpaws (Tiggy) appears to be the exact opposite.

So far, she has got herself stuck

  • in the Girls’ Dorm
  • in the larder (twice)
  • outside
  • in the pan cupboard
  • inside the grandfather clock.

This last one was the most remarkable. She had to open the door before being able to climb in.

It is not entirely obvious what goes on inside Continue reading

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Be Gone Begum

BegumShamima Begum, who is the young woman who left the UK to join Isis and who now wants to return to UK with her baby, has said:

He has no proof that I was a threat other than that I was in Isis, that’s it.

In my experience, people who say “You have no proof I did it” rather than “I did not do it” usually did it.

It may be that international law will make it hard for the UK to exclude her. But the cost to the UK taxpayer of dealing with her and her baby and probably in due course her husband (who joined Isis as a fighter from Holland) in terms of legal costs, prison, social security etc may well be very considerable. And there must be a real risk that she will continue, from any home she makes in the UK, to further the objectives of Isis.

And so the Government is quite right not to be Continue reading

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From Butler to Pope

carterIn Knightfall, Jim Carter (no relation to Jimmy Carter) gets promoted. No long a butler, he is now Pope.

Nevertheless, and despite his gravitas, the show is a rather disjointed romp through the history of the Knights Templar.

The Templars were a strange lot. They faced a twin challenge: all the boring stuff that comes with Continue reading

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No Power. Again…

There was yet another power cut that lasted all morning today in Myponga. There was at least the fourth this week (depending on how you count those short power cuts that last for only a few seconds but reset every clock and computer in the house).

Electricity in South Australia is the most expensive in the country, and amongst the most expensive in the world. That is largely because the previous government dynamited the State’s largest power station, in its insistence that we should live off windmills and solar cells and (for the few seconds that it works when the other renewables fail) Elon Musk’s battery (bought at huge cost to the taxpayer).

For me, this is a relatively minor inconvenience. I have solar panels on the roof and a battery system in the garage, not so much because Continue reading

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PE Phew

My eye was caught by this in The Times today:

Q My partner is a fitness fanatic and she only ever wants to have sex after a workout. It’s great when our endorphins are racing and we’re a bit sweaty, but sometimes I would like it to be after a romantic dinner, like a normal couple. Why doesn’t she fancy me at any other time?

A There are lots of physiological explanations for why your girlfriend likes having sex after a workout. Vigorous exercise releases endorphins, chemicals that act on the brain to block pain and create feelings of exhilaration, happiness and calm. Exercise also increases blood flow to the pelvis and the vagina. If your girlfriend is doing a lot of core exercises, such as squats, leg lifts or planks, she may be in a heightened state of arousal by the time she gets home. It’s not uncommon for exercise sequences that place a lot of pressure on the lower abdomen, hip flexors and inner thighs to bring some women close to (or even spontaneously to) orgasm.

I have never had a Continue reading

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Tick tick tick tock

Big BenDonald Tusk said this week:

By the way, I have been wondering what that special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan to carry it out safely.

Actually, I had predicted just that in  my blog a few months ago. Tick.

But I am not going to hell, because I had a plan, way back. And I can prove it, because Continue reading

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