The Elite or The People?

brexit-mapThere is an irony in the fact that the decision handed down last month in Miller v Secretary of State [2016] EWHC 2768 (admin) was the week of Guy Fawkes’ Day night. There are parallels between the two events. I will come back to this parallel a little while.

The judgment, which ruled that the government does not have power to give notice of withdrawal from the European Union and Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, is a remarkable document for all sorts of reasons. As with so many events in British history over the last millennium, it has much to do with the question of Britain’s independence from, or subservience to, Europe.

It should be said at the outset that the judgment will have come too many of us as a surprise. We have been Continue reading

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Quiz of the Day IV

Whose card was delayed? He spent his boxing day with a Nobel Laureate.

People have been solving these quizzes rather fast.   How fast for this one, I wonder?

christmas-tree-on-prasutagusHint: This photo will probably be of no assistance whatsoever. But it does illustrate the delight my Continue reading

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Ex-Wife #1

sue-on-tvIt is good to see my first wife doing well.  She runs the stroke unit at her hospital, Northwick Park, which has just been voted the most effective stroke unit in the country.

She has – on the same day – just picked up yet another degree – an MSc this time.

Clever Continue reading

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Flying Home

It was a clear day as I flew back to South Australia from the Northern Territory yesterday afternoon, and I was sitting in a window seat, so I took some photos with my mobile phone.


Lake Torrens is a salt lake. Unlike some, this one is above Continue reading

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Weather? It’s nobler.

weather1For a remarkably reasonable price, I have aquired a weather station. Although there was no global warming for the first decade and a half or so of this century, there is some evidence of a modest rise in average temperatures in the last year or so. Far short of the warnings of runaway scorching as we went past some supposed tipping point. But something to watch for. Personally, I am all for a bit of global warming, especially since we now enjoy the beneficial effects of a bit more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – worldwide vegetation has increased a fair bit, almost certainly because of the extra carbon dioxide rather than the temperature. If the average global temperature were to rise to, say, the levels enjoyed by the Roman Empire or even more recently during the Renaissance, there would be huge benefits to mankind.

We no longer get bombarded by hysterical nonsense on the subject from the media quite as much as a while ago. The public at large seems to have rumbled that the scientists whose grant money depends on scary stories about iminent disaster are not to be trusted, and global warming has slipped way down the ratings of issues that the public now worry about.  In the USA Continue reading


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Dr Johnson’s Dancing Dogs

couplerWhat with the Super Moon event, I bought a coupler which allows me to take photographs through my telescope. I though it might be fun to photograph the super moon.

I am not sure I have got the riding of it so far. Here is a picture of a farm building about 3 Continue reading


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Quiz of the Day III

In which Royal Palace does it take longer for 5 days to pass than 6 days?

There might be a supplementary to this question if Continue reading

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Quiz of the Day II

What is illustrated by this map?


No clues Continue reading


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The Black Order of the Hooded Plover

shipWhat was this chap doing just off Myponga Beach over the weekend?

Perhaps it had been chartered by the Beach Nutters, who had agents on board armed with rifles with telescopic sights? Perhaps they were planning to kill anyone with the temerity to take their dog for a walk on the beach?

The hooded plover is an evil pest, not because of the poor animal itself, but because of of the messainic creed of those who want to persuade it to move from Tasmania (where they bred like rabbits, and where they seem to be perfectly happy) to the Fleurieu Peninsular.

If I were a hooded plover (I am not, so this is a bit far-fetched) I would not Continue reading

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Old Power

imgp6415This being South Australia, the land of renewable energy, I had 3 power cuts last week.

I had warning of one them.  Not only do I have a generator which powers my computer etc, but I also have my dear departed mother’s old candle-burning plate warmer. So I used my coffee machine to make a whole pot of coffee, and was able to keep it hot all morning.

There are advantages to Continue reading

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