Comments on Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs

Over 500 people have now signed this petition. Some of the comments are as follows. I have not sought to edit them in any way. Not have I removed any negative comments – there have been none. I have removed some comments in foreign languages because I have no idea what they mean:

The Comments:

Dogs and humans have always walked together and this is an attack on the freedom of both to enjoy life.

I have friends who are being affected by this new by-law.

Whats the point of (to a dog) of a sedate stroll.A dog wants to run and splash and chase other dogs.

I have lived on Sampson road for 23 years and have taken my border collie to the beach many a time and let her have a run and NEVER had an issue, most times there have been other people with their dogs doing the same thing. As long as we all respect each other and the environment. I can’t see the problem.

We have by-laws for everything now.m Where is the reasonableness.

It is reasonable for responsible dog owners to have their dogs off the lease in off-leash allocated areas

As a responsible dog owner, I find this decision outrageous.

I believe the new ruling is unwarranted given that so much of the year the beaches are habited by only dogs and their owners. A more flexible approach could have been reached. Also I think the council was very underhand in the way they went about this and did not give the majority of dog owners any say. I don’t think the council promoted this to the wider community, it was not raised in the local paper in the lead up to the council decision and therefore made it very difficult for all points of view to be given. I think it is a very biased and one sided decision that should be revoked at.


This is crazy instead of banning something link up with local
Dog schools who can have some sort of initiative to teach the dog owners who you are worried about because the majority of dog owners who walk the beaches with their dogs in the morning are good people and many many of them clean up the beach picking up garbage in the mornings that has been left there form
The night before !!! What a crazy idea to ban them
It’s a weak response with limited thinking you have an opportunity to create and active place to live with a good community culture with agility events etc to draw people
In and instead you are banning it – it’s a cheap way out – do
Some work and come up with a community engagement plan that actually contributes to the environment teaches and empowers people don’t just take away their opportunities due to perceived issues or the inability to find healthy cohesive engaging solitons

Dogs play a very important role in keeping their owners fit & healthy & thereby save the health system precious dollars. By preventing dogs from getting out & exercising, you will also prevent their owners from doing the same. Walking a dog along the beach pro rides a huge boost to both mental & physical health of both dog & human & should be encouraged, not legislated against.

Why stop the pleasure that dogs and their owners get from some freedom to run on our beaches?

Dogs and owners are having more and more restrictions placed on them. Dogs need the freedom to have areas where they can run free!

Penalise the irresponsible dog owners. Don’t penalise responsible dog owners or their dogs. They need off lead runs for their health and wellbeing

I will no longer plan holidays to the area. One of the attractions is the freedom to walk my dogs off lead – without bothering anyone – when on holiday
Why fix what ain’t broke? More anti-dog regulations that are inappropriate

A short sighted and irresponsible decision.

All the idiots come with stupid laws! Shame on them!
Please sign, thank you!

One of the reasons I moved down here was because of the freedom on the beaches for me and my dogs. A lot of the time there is no one on the beach- so why cant we let them off lead. I never go when it is busy with tourists.

Dogs cannot possibly be exercised whilst tethered to a lead. Let them run freely as nature intended. End thgis ridiculous bye-law NOW.

I know how much one resident loves walking his dog on the beach and how sad it would be if this facility was removed.

Let the animal live

I think it’s ridiculous, to stop dogs on the beach, dogs need excercise, and where better than a beach as long as owner’s do the right thing and clean up after their dogs and also show they are responsible dog owners. Definitely a nanny state……

Dogs need to have the freedom to run, sniff, dig and socialise on our beaches. As long as they have been raised to be well-behaved and social dogs, then there shouldn’t be an issue with having them off lead.

I live in the Yankalilla council area and now have to go to Onkaparinga to walk my dogs on the beach during tbe day. This also means that I get my coffee outside the area & often do my shopping too – not good for the local economy.

Big Brother ruling the roost! If beaches have been available for dogs to run freely, what a dumb idea it is to prevent them doing so now. They need exercise! Maybe the Council should promptly build a Dog Park in the area to accomodate free running for dogs (if they are suited to such areas). When the betterment of animals is now being acknowledged, Yankalilla District Council seem to be putting their heads in the sand and their bums up . What a load of rubbish!

Dogs need off lead exercise

My dog is my constant companion
They allow dogs on planes in department stores in France.
Most people love dogs enjoy meeting them on walks etc.
My dog has been my constant since being diagnosed with cancer
We are being over regulated in this country
We need less laws not more

of course it is okay to allow the dogs to run on beaches

I go to the beach down there some days and believe the council’s intended banning of dogs off leash is an overreaction to a few loud voices. People will always have to be sensible about encountering dogs and most dogs are just so happy they don’t bother anyone

Allow dogs on the beach but educate their people. One council in Adelaide is providing seminars to help owners understand their dogs. Don’t punish dogs by depriving them of what they need. Rather, educate owners so dogs can have a better life

I am a trainer and well aware of the importance for dogs and humans to enjoy the simple pleasure of freedom on a beach

The Victor Harbor Council [ with the highest rates in the State] also has this unbelievably stupid by law because a dog once had a fight with another dog!!!

Running along the beach and splashing in the water is pure pleasure for dogs – if they are not aggressive why spoil that?

It is an essential and fundamental issue of freedom of access and use for people to be able to allow their dogs to run freely on the beach. We are not a Police State….yet.

Dog owners everywhere must unite against repressive anti dog laws

Dogs play an important part in peoples lives and exercising them down the beach is as beneficial to the well being of the owner as it is to the dog

There are few places dogs have been allowed to run about when not restrained. As long as the dog is not aggressive where is the harm?

I have a dog who deserves to run free with her ears flapping in the sea air…

I believe over regulation of what should be ordinary freedoms of members of the public should be resisted at all times. Local Government oversteps the mark and responds to vocal minority groups on too many occasions to the detriment of the majority.

I believe that this is an unnecessary and unacceptable curtailment of the freedom of individuals to engage in pleasurable and healthy (for both human and dog) pursuits

I like dogs to have freedom of expression as long as their responsible owners accompany man’s best friend.

Restricting the freedom of dogs to roam free will negatively affect their and their owners sanity .

Taking the dog for a walk on the beach is one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures. To ban dogs from beaches would be a small minded mean move that would cause great upset to many.

I don’t go to Yankalilla beach with my two dogs .someone had a dog on a lead and it went in attack mode on my dog one day, at Normanville beach.Goolwa beach is a good place where dogs can roam free under command.

Keeping a dog on a lead where they pose no issue is similar to keeping them in a cage at a zoo. It’s cruel.

too many by-laws are passed without consultation with the people affected.

Because walking dogs on the beach is a real pleasure in life for the human and the canine!

There is nothing that makes me smile brighter or harder than seeing a dog having the time of its life.

Dog owners here in Nice suffered the same discrimination until we adopted a proper French revolutionary approach and organised a beach invasion- armed with pooper scoopers to show how responsible we are. Come on Aussies don’t just petition overthrow the dictators.

I want my dog to run free on the beach and trust that other dog owners will be responsible.

Another absurd example of Nanny Statism. No doubt hatched by some petty local government apparatchik…

There must be a better way of reconciling the needs and interests of all beach users

A minority of people either ignorant of or isolated from the world outside their urban bubble, scared of everything they do not understand, should not be able to cater to their fears by restricting the rest of us in the enjoyment of life. My dog is my best friend, with a few exceptions, and I do not see any realistic basis for this restriction.

Our dogs need to have places to be able to run off-leash and play in the water.

It is ridiculous that an animal that has every right to enjoy the freedom of running is banned from the beach. What will be next is a huge problem with obese dogs on the streets as there is no where left to run!

I’m passionate about this issue

Other comments received by email etc

Don’t give up, keep on with this. We should have a public meeting as there are less than 5000 in the entire Council district and as you say, over 500 have signed the petition. That means there would be more than 500 who support it as many people are not aware of the petition.

Infuriating. I hope you will be challenging said expiation notice.

I didn’t know Australia was a police state… I might bring the poodles for a visit just to get up their noses…

For heavens sakes!! You would be far more scary than perdita and I gather no-one is banning you from the beach😀. That is a completely ridiculous decision, clearly made by people who dislike dogs. How incredibly annoying.

Oh that’s ridiculous. Poor perdita, very unfair

Councils are allowing less and less areas for people to exercise their dogs whilst restricting them to on leash as well. That is NOT how to exercise a dog. They need to run free and regularly return to their owner for reassurance.
Keep the beaches in quiet places as areas for dogs to be off leash.

Humans in power (not all) but some – generally, think that they can restrict general living for others
and they do that by interfering in matters that they themselves don’t indulge in
Maybe they would like dogs to be not seen at all?

I hope your petition goes well for you, Perdita and everyone and every dog in Fleurieu

Thank you Robert for making me aware.

The Victor council has the same stupid by-law.

Its as important for us as it is for the dogs!

Good luck, I really hope sense prevails.  It is such a joy watching a dog run on a beach.

silly buggers of course Perdita and her friends should run on the beach.  sheesh.

Signed Robert & I’ll forward to friends on the Fleurieu.

Just signed away – surely they could do a sensible compromise at least – my beach (Suburban Bayside in Melbourne) has off-leash for all of the winter months on the whole of the beach and then restricted hours in summer (early morning and evening) – except for “dog beach” which is 100 metres away from the main beach – which is off-leash all year!

I hope sense prevails.

so long as the dog isn’t known to be vicious to either other dogs or humans, I do not see why they shouldn’t be able to run off-leash in designated areas.

I totally agree – and in the Parklands too.  We willingly risk being fined on a daily basis, choosing to allow dear [name removed] to run free and enjoy life (as he should be able too).    I will sign on!



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The Council Strikes Back!

As I have previously noted, I am not a regular petitioner. In fact, my petition on Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs is the first and only time I have initiated a petition on a matter of public interest, or indeed anything else. I am told by that 85% of petitions never even reach 50 supporters,  but since my petition was launched earlier this week, it has already found over 500 supporters. If you have not supported it, but would like to do so; please do so.

The response of the Chief Executive of Yankalilla District Council was initially to show interest in the petition[1], but this interest now appears to have somewhat waned[2].

But what has happened, since the launch of the petition, is that approximately 5:50 PM on Wednesday I was visited by an officer of the Council, who personally served on me an Expiation Notice[3] alleging that that Perdita was “wandering at large” on the beach on 5th January.


It is a surprising document, because it Continue reading

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Local Government Harm

I wonder if Yankalilla District Council took any account of the following evidence from the Animal Welfare League before attempting to discourage dog ownership by stopping their freedom of exercise:

Pets as Social Enablers

A study by the University of Western Australia’s School of Population Health found that more than 50% of dog owners and 40% of pet owners in general meet people in their neighbourhood as a result of their pet, and more than 80% of dog owners talk to other people when out walking their dogs2,3. These social bridges are referred to as ‘the glue that holds society together’, also known as social capital. The building of social capital is known to have positive effects on the health and economic viability of a society.

Cardiovascular Health

The positive impact of pets on cardiovascular health was first recognised in the early 1980s when a study found that pet owners were much less likely to die in the 12 months following a heart attack than non-pet owners4. The results were then replicated in the mid 1990s. It is this specific area of research the made the medical community take notice of the ‘pets are good for you’ premise. Continue reading

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Have your Say, They Say

Happily, Yankalilla District Council have a website with a “Have Your Say” facility.

So I have tried it. The email I got back says:

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to visit Your Say Yankalilla and submitting your story. Continue reading

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A Rare Petition

575238_222880941184528_1973088916_nI am not big into petitions. But the recent By-Law designed to stop dogs running freely on local beaches really does get my goat.

So, if you can be troubled, and if you agree that dogs (including Perdita, of course) should be allowed to run freely on the beach, I really would be grateful if you would add your name.

You can read more and sign the petition here: Continue reading

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Australia’s worst politician?


olssonViews are bound to vary about who is your least favourite politician in Australia. Right now, my candidate would be Councillor David Olsson of the Yankalilla District Council. Why? Read on. Continue reading

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Tony’s Angel

tony-blairTony Blair freely admitted (but only after leaving office) that his faith was “hugely important” to the decisions he made.

This week, he has made a speech telling us that the Brexit referendum result was wrong, and that the people should now change their minds.

I wonder if he was told this by a messenger from his God?  And if so, was it the same angel Continue reading

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Ban the Book

(c) Walker Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationI do not get nearly as much time as I would like, these days, to read, but I did recently seize the opportunity to read the History of the campaigns 1780 and 1781 in the southern provinces of North America by Lieutenant-Colonel[1] Tarleton. I had previously come across the somewhat glamorous figure of Banastre Tarleton for the purposes of my book 500 Fenwicks (still not finished).

Banastre Tarleton was a descendant of the Shakespearean actor (the subject of John Dowland’s beautiful lute piece Tarleton’s Resurrection). He was the son of a successful merchant in Liverpool; he early wasted his inheritance gambling and womanising before joining the Army, and then distinguished himself as the most successful cavalry officer fighting on the loyalist side in the American Revolutionary war, particularly in the southern campaigns, running from the loyalist capture of Charleston[2] in 1780 to the siege of Yorktown in 1781. That is a war which the loyalists would certainly have won but for the massive intervention of the French, hugely jealous of British success in North America, which was so expensive to the French as to drive them to virtual bankruptcy, and hence sow the seeds of the French Revolution. It was also a war which, perhaps not surprisingly, has been massively romanticised by Americans. At the time, also unsurprising, the Rebels were not big fans of Tarleton.[3]

After the war, Tarleton wrote his book about the campaign. It is interesting for its historical content, of course, but also for some serendipitous reasons.

He obtained promotion very fast: a mere cornet in 1775, he was a Lieutenant-Colonel within 5 years, at the age of just 26. He was essentially a cavalry officer, commanding loyal Americans, but his unit, which came to known as Tarleton’s Raiders, also consisted of some mounted infantry and horse-drawn light artillery (3 pounders). His unit was famous for moving at very rapid speed, and achieving several victories over the rebels despite being greatly outnumbered. He would have been about the same age or younger than most of the Americans he commanded, and from the side of the Atlantic, but was obviously held in great affection and admiration by his men for his skill and bravery.

One curious thing about the book is the way that Tarleton spelled Scottish names; hence eg M’Arthur, not McArthur or MacArthur. It is a fashion which has long passed, but is not that illogical. After all we have O’Reilly etc in Ireland and D’Estaing etc in Continue reading

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Whitsunday on Monday

The Whitsunday Islands are apparently a misnomer; because of a mix-up with the International Date Line, Captain Cook thought that he had come across them on Whit Sunday. It was actually Whit Monday.

They turn out, nevertheless, to be very beautiful.


Curiously, the biggest of the islands – Whitsunday Island itself, Continue reading

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Recent quizzes have proved overly hard. So here is an easier one. Where and what is the live animal in this photo, taken at home yesterday?


Hint: it is not Continue reading

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