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The English are Best

Strava heatmapThe Strava heatmap, which tracks where people run around with fitbits on their wrists,  might or might not tell us something interesting about the location of military bases around the world.

But the UK picture suggests that the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish are pretty lazy buggers, compared to the English.

Either that, or Continue reading

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A Petition for Freedom

petitionI delivered the Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs petition to the District Council of Yankalilla today; in the end it attracted over 1,000 signatures, not only from locals, but from people all over the world.

Will the Council take any notice? The track record for the short term is not good. It ignored another, traditional, petition to the same effect last month, which was signed by over 1,000 locals.  And when a proposal to ease the restrictions was moved at the last Council meeting, it was voted down. And, demonstrating the sort of mean-mindedness that is prevalent among dog-haters, they also voted down an acknowledgement of the efforts of those who had consulted with the community on the issue.

A number of locals have come to the view that the way to fix this is to get the errant Councillors voted out of office in the elections due later in the year. A new Council will simply be able to repeal the offending by-law. These locals may well be right.  The Councillors get elected with tiny numbers of votes cast, and this issue seems to be by far the most important in the minds of the local electorate. The total numbers of petitions in the two petitions is some 40% of the electorate (although of course there are bound to be a few duplicates, and some petitioners live outside the area), and so one would have thought that the prospects for getting a dog-friendly Council elected would be quite good.  It is quite extraordinary that the present Council should be insisting on these dog restrictions when they know full well that they run counter to the strong feelings of the great majority of ratepayers, particularly since the restrictions are causing real damage to the health of residents, our dogs and to the local economy.

The petition went in with a covering letter which read:

Please find herewith a hard copy of the on-line petition Freedom For Fleurieu Dogs.

As you will see, this has been signed by over 1,000 people, both locals and those from further afield, who seek a rolling back of the recent laws restricting the exercise of dogs.

As such, this on-line petition compliments last month’s petition of locals, which also attracted over 1,000 signatures.

It is a regrettable reflection of these new laws that they are offensive, not only to locals, but also to friends from all around the world.

There is a long way to go in this saga…


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My vegetable love

WP_20180108_001Normally, I am not really, really keen on too many vegetables. That said, I am warming, quite a bit, to my new vegetable garden.

Never having had such a thing before, I am something of an amateur. But it turns out to be rather good. Chard, freshly picked and wilted with fried onion, turns out to be surprisingly good to eat – like spinach only more subtle. As do the beetroots: pull ‘em out, wash ‘em and chop ‘em and then straight into the oven for baking. Courgettes have been appearing in abundance. And the tomatoes will be red soon – they are already smelling good.

Still wary of lettuce. But overall, Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere, and But a Drop to Drink

A neighbour put his drone up the morning after the fire last week. This picture from 400 feet shows how close the fire got to my property.


There is a striking contrast between the scotched earth below my house and the blue reservoir above it.

Viewed from this angle, it is all the more bizarre that neither I nor my neighbours have access to any of the mains water from the reservoir. Then again, we get no post, no rubbish collection and no access to the beach just down the road for our dogs to exercise. The reputation of the local council, around here, is Continue reading

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ThermometerIn Numbers, in the Bible, Jehovah was really quite mean to the poor Jews. Eg Chapter 21:

6 And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.

It is a wonder that they put up with Him.

Anyway, my numbers are:

31oC by 5.00 am this morning, with a stiff Northerly breeze. It is going to be warm today.

So far, I have lost 2½ kilos since Christmas. I was starting to get decidedly overweight.

40,222 is the number of litres of rainwater I have left in my tanks. Unless it rains soon Continue reading

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Big fire, if it’s close…

…and it was close. All along one side of my property. At one stage I was fighting it toe to toe with a garden hose where the bottom of the sheoaks were catching. Happily, the professionals soon turned up. At its worst, it got 15 yards or so in, setting fire to some mulch.

But the house is fine. My housekeeper did not even stop her usual round of dusting and hoovering.

Several fire bombers, both planes and helicopters, were onto it. Happily, there was water in my dam, which the fire engines were able to refill from.  More fires were breaking out, and the Country Fire Service were responding, hours later. They say they will be here all night, watching for more resurgences.

I gulped a bit too much smoke doing the garden hose thing. But Continue reading

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