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How to Talk Down to a Climate Sceptic

coby3A friend recently suggested I might enjoy looking at How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: Responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming, a series of articles by Coby Beck.

I did. Mr Beck has a nice, rolling folksy sort of a style which makes climate alarmism seem really pretty reasonable, rather in the way that Garrison Keillor makes the American mid-west seem really quite interesting. He is not a scientist, but describes himself as a “former musician, turned tree planter, turned software engineer”. He is also a keen photographer, and evidently likes dogs (so he cannot be all bad).

What he does is take a series of reasons to doubt that we are in the grip of runaway global warming, and then seeks to knock them over. Thus Continue reading


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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing


So.  The so-called “Ship of Fools” is firmly stuck in the Antarctic ice. But, charmingly, the advertisment to join the trip called “The Spirit of Mawson” is still up on the internet.  It says:

Join The Trip

For the opportunity of a lifetime, you can book a berth and join us on the amazing Shokalskiy, a true expedition vessel.

Join us on the expedition

We’re offering members of the public an incredible opportunity to join us on the trip. See the wonders of the Southern Ocean, the subantarctics and Antarctica…

There are single, twin and double berths are available. Prices start from $8,050.

douglas_mawsonNow, Sir Douglas Mawson himself was a Yorkshireman, who explored the Antarctic 100 years ago. With his wooden ship, Continue reading

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