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15 Years Old Party – None Believed Dead

Lucy’s party went off without any apparent mishaps.Lucy party 2014

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Early Game

IMGP5035I had to get Jamie to his school football match this morning.  At 8.00 o’clock.

Why it is necessary for these things to start so early is something of a mystery.  As it happens, it was a lovely morning, and the St Peters grounds looked in very good shape.

What is a complete mystery, however, is why they ban dogs from the school grounds. It is an essential part of any boy’s education to gain an easy familiarity with all sorts of dogs, especially those who are not lucky enough to have a dog at home. Perdita Continue reading

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Unpacking Rubbish

unpackingI do not know why I am such rubbish at unpacking. Packing is fine; I can generally do that in a few minutes. So why should reversing the process be so hard?

Having just returned from a brief trip (Sydney, Brisbane and Singapore) my strategy is to leave my case on the bed until such time as I have succeeded in emptying it. That leaves less room for the dog of course, but we are all in this together.

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