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A Muesli Breakfast

muesliIt is easy to see why having muesli for breakfast might be good for losing weight.

Halfway through a bowl of muesli, and I am already losing the will to live, let alone Continue reading


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Cloud Stuff

I flew back home this week from NSW. For long time, the plane was just above the cloud cover, so that the view from the plane was of a landscape of hills, valleys, vistas, all made of nothing but water vapour but exhibiting all manner of shades of light. And all of course utterly unreal.

cloudsIn real, close-up life, the way to get into these things is to to ski. In places liker Val Thorens, it is possible to get a lift up above the clouds on some days, and then to ski down through the clouds. In this real life, the wonderful formaltions one sees from the plane are less evident. The clouds are pretty fuzzy. And wet. Really quite wet. And cold. Not so magical, when one is actually there.

Maybe Turner was right. Just paint them. From Continue reading

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Boing boing

BoingI wondered how long it would be before these guys turned up.

This one was outside my window this morning. Continue reading

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Tender mysteries

Things are starting to happen. With alarming speed. And I am sure that I do not understand them all.

One thing I do not understand is journalism. My daughter Annabel is a journalist. with the Daily Mail. She is presently travelling, and writing absolutely brilliant pieces on her blog. Her latest How I nearly got murdered in Mozambique and A strange maritime experience… two days on a houseboat overlooking the Chobe River are each terrific, even allowing for parental bias. But no one pays to read blogs, so where is the income? We do not need much. But we need something to live on. I am sure there is an answer to this. But I do not know what it is.

Meanwhile in Paris, there have been Continue reading

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Myponga Garden 0

It would be good to have a bit of a garden here at my new Myponga Beach abode. At the moment, there is, well, pretty much nothing.

Prospects are a bit limited by the fact that there is no mains water here, and no bore. I have a dam. Query whether it will be dry by the end of the summer?

GrassFirst step is a bit of grass. I bought a slab of buffalo grass from Bunnings, and am watering it. With a bit of luck, it will take, and then spread.

I was both discouraged and daunted by a good walk around this weekend of the garden of my friend Deb at Mandalay. Her garden is fabulous. It is the product Continue reading


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Follow, follow

At the suggestion of my darling daughter Annabel Fenwick Elliott, I have added a follow button at the bottom of this page.

So, if you want to follow this blog, you Continue reading

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Country Living IV

A welcome sight today was Greedy Gecko, who used lots of chemical to get rid of millipedes. Millipedes are things I can do very well without.

IMGP5772The eagles (they live here, obviously) have better things to do that eat such paltry game. They are either flying overhead or, if I look over the road, down in the valley. Continue reading

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Lots and lots of death, both imagined and real

Source: Lots and lots of death, both imagined and real

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Country Living III

There are birds here, which I like. In the late afternoon, the wedge tailed eagles tend to visit. So far they have yet to land in my garden; I have seen both rabbits and hares whilst driving down the road down to the beach, and the eagles are probably more interested in that sort of thing.

Various hues of parrots swing by the garden and the dam regularly though: white cockatoos and black cockatoos, various multi-coloured sorts I have yet to identify, and of course galahs. I have a sort of swift effort that apparently lives in my woodworking shed. And lots of magpies and other crows.


Photo: Louise Woodhouse

Panama with Perdita

Photo: Louise Woodhouse

Ducks take up occupation of Continue reading


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