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A Penny for her Thoughts

My friend Ian is a bright and amusing fellow, albeit that he has sometimes been a bit of a sucker for climate change alarmism. The other day, he posted a prediction by Penny Sackett that we had just 5 years to save the world from disastrous global warming. Now, Penny Sackett is not quite as well established as Tim Flannery as an object of mirth, but she has recently been the object of considerable derision, since it is now 5 years since that prediction, and of course, there has been no global warming at all during that 5 years, let alone disastrous global warming. So I thought Ian might well be having a bit of a laugh posting her 5 year old prediction as if it were recent.

But it seems not. He has asked me if really dispute the existence of global warming.

GWPF graph 2014There are things that are settled and things that are not. It is settled that the world has warmed and cooled numerous times in the past, and that these changes cannot possibly have been caused by man-made CO2 emissions, because these changes occurred long before mankind was around in any numbers to make any difference. It certainly warmed during the last third of the 20th century. Equally certain is that temperatures have not continued to increase this century – all but the activists agree that there has been no material global warming for the last 15 years or so (see for example the Met Office report The recent pause in global warming: What are the potential causes?). Neither has it cooled during this period. So it has remained relatively hot, by recent standards.

Also well-settled, beyond any doubt it seems to me, is that the models used by the IPCC and others, predicated both on the greenhouse gas effect and a positive feedback effect, are fundamentally wrong. Continue reading


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Esprit de L’Escalier

Jamie: Daddy, do you know what the scientific name for a gorilla is?

Me: Gorilla.

Jamie: Actually, it is Gorilla gorilla.

Me: So, actually, I was nearly right nearly right.

(This final line only came to me a few moments too slow)

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Music Music

Robert & The Audreys (22 of 35)This is concert weekend in Adelaide.

Tonight I am going to see The Rolling Stones at the Adelaide Oval. Long story, arising out of a request for an interview by the local rag with my mate Neville.  They are all rather older than me.

Tomorrow, and stepping up a few notches in terms of musicality, I will be going to see The Audreys, who are much younger than me. Not only do I love their music, but am eternally grateful for their kindness in making it possible for me to do an EP, One Day in January, last year.  They were extraodinarily tolerant Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror

Lucy Mirror 14My 15 year old daughter Lucy thought it would be fun to make a silent movie, to enter for the International Youth Silent Film Festival.

Never mind that she is 5 years younger than the age limit. Never mind that – unlike the other entrants – she had no training, support or facilities made available to her by any school or college. She decided to do at all alone, to see if she could win through to the finals in Oregon, USA next June. So she made her movie, Mirror.

She has only bloody done it! The only independent production Continue reading


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Gough Guff

CastroIt is awful that Gough Whitlam has died, because it has unleashed a stomach-churning orgy of self-indulgent preening by the Australian socialists.

Gough Whitlam was Australia’s answer to Fidel Castro. As Prime Minister for a year or two in the 1970s, just a decade after Castro seized power in Cuba, he embarked upon an orgy of public spending which went a fair way to doing the near-impossible – ruining the Australian economy – with the same sort of rapidity as Castro in Cuba.

The similarities between the two men are more striking than their differences. Both were physically tall, both rabid egotists, both utterly indifferent to the economic ruin that they caused, both perfectly content to run to unsavoury corners of the world for financial help (Castro to Khrushchev in the USSR, Whitlam to Gaddafi in Libya) and both capable of inspiring undying if irrational devotion among zealots to their cause. But there is of course one big difference: Castro remained in power for half a century, during which time Cuba descended from the wealthiest of Caribbean nations to poorest, whereas Whitlam was removed from power before the damage he could do became Continue reading

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