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Stockholm Syndrome on the Line


The bank in Stockholm where hostages were documented with Stockholm Syndrome

I got a telephone call on my mobile the other day from my phone service provider, Telstra. It was a robot calling. It told me immediately that this was not a telemarketing call, that my mobile phone bill was some $157 overdue, and that if I did not sort out it right now, I was toast. It then invited me to embark of a series of telesteps which were quite impossible, since I was in a busy street at the time and just about to go into a meeting.  Being a robot, its understanding of the situation was very limited. So I hung up.  Big mistake. Continue reading

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Freecell983FreeCell is a sort of Patience (Note to Americans: Solitaire) which comes bundled in with Windows.

Obviously it would be better, at 4 o’clock in the morning, to be fast asleep.  But we do not always get what we want, and playing Patience is soothing enough, in its way.

I have now won getting on for 1,000 times without loss, thanks to the Undo feature: if you lose, you can rewind again and again until you win. Apparently there is just one FreeCell deal which is impossible Continue reading

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