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Brook Laddy

It has been my habit for a long that, when my body starts telling my head at around 6.00 pm, “Erh hem! About time for a snifter?”, I stop drinking for a week. This is probably just superstition, but for the first couple of days, there is this odd feeling, not unlike an awareness of a shy butler waiting to be asked to fetch a wee dram.  By the end of the week, the butler has gone away, but I do look forward to a decent single malt again.

Bruichladdich Rocks is hard to beat, but also hard to find in Australia these days, at any rate in Adelaide.

I suppose it might be possible to import a case.  But (a) a case of whisky seems rather a lot and (b) this smacks of desperation. Can’t I just have another whisky? No! This is the one I like. Continue reading

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George Monbiot, the English self-ordained Green Priest and global warming zealot, has always been a total nincompoop, part of a triumvirate of nincompoops including the wonderfully endearing Tim Flannery of Australia, and the deeply sinister Al Gore of the USA.

And so it is heart-warming to see him admit as such, on his own blog.  He writes:

I allowed myself to be carried away by a sense of moral outrage. As a result, far from addressing an awful injustice, I contributed to one.

I have acted in an unprofessional, thoughtless and cruel manner, and I am sorry beyond words. Continue reading

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Footbal crazy

Because it was Jamie’s birthday treat, I found myself at the Adelaide United football game on Saturday.  They were playing Perth Glory in the Australian A League. Not a really big deal – we are talking “soccer” as they call it here – about 8,000 people in the ground. “Patrons”, they call them here.

Just opposite us were about 5 dozen organised supporters, who chanted chants and banged a drum. Continue reading


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Lucy has been appearing in the Seymour College 2012 Musical, a stage adaptation of the Disney movie Mulan.  Three performances; last one tonight.

As with other Seymour musical endeavours these days, it was really well done. The Director of Music, Graeme Quinn does a great job.

Lucy played Mulan’s mother. She was rather convincing, I thought. Growing up frighteningly fast.


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