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Myponga Beach Nutters

beech-nutMyponga Beach is lovely. It is a place where people can let their dogs run up and down, newly-weds come to have their photographs taken as a great reminder of their special day and get away from totalitarian government control for an hour or two.

But not if the watermelons have their way. They have been lobbying to have the rules changed to stop all of this. I know from my own experience that they are nutters, and that at least one of them has been traducing my own Perdita, wrongly accusing her of killing seagulls and bothering people. She has done neither of these things.

There is a feedback site: Although I went to the Council was was assured that I would be included in list of consultees, it was only yesterday that I found out be serendipity that today is the last day for objections. This is what I have just put in:

I was saddened to hear of proposals to prevent residents from allowing our dogs to run freely on Myponga Beach.

That freedom is one of life’s pleasures, for both owners and their dogs.

It appears that someone called Renée Mead, who describes herself as a “Beach-nesting Birds Project Officer” for BirdLife Australia in Victoria has been lobbying for beaches, including Myponga, to be restricted to “on-leash”. As any dog owner will know, active dogs do not get the exercise they need on leash.  Perhaps Ms Mead means well, but it would be absurd to allow special interest groups like this destroy the amenity of our beaches.

The problem seems to be hooded plovers, which nest on beaches, most of them preferring to live in Tasmania and Western Australia. There are many, many beaches in Australia where these birds can nest, but hardly any beaches in the Yankalilla District where dogs can be freely exercised.

Bird protection societies seem to have more than fair share of nutters; it would be a great shame if they were to be allowed to ruin one of the State’s best beaches.

PS What is with the proposal to restrict newly-weds from having some photographs taken on the beach? Is there some mad Miss Haversham with a telescope trained on the beach, determined to spoil any sign of happiness there?

It is to be hoped that common sense will prevail, but who knows? If they do, it will certainly blight the pleasure of living at Myponga for me. And cause real distress also to many other dog lovers. And shift the hooded plover from the “never done me any harm” category to outright pest.

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The Death of Sur Dunald

lead_960Watching the American presidential election unfold, one has the feeling of drifting uncomfortably into an episode of Game of Thrones.

The barking mad Sur Dunald now looks as if he has been completely out-manoeuvred by House Clinton, and so we expect a particularly gruesome bloodbath scene coming up, with him and all his ladies of House Trump about to be savagely murdered. Then again, we have been made wary by the scriptwriters’ habit of springing unlikely surprises. Will Lady Heelary be interrupted abusing one of House Clinton’s sex slaves, carted off by the High Sparrow’s henchmen, thrown into jail and made to atone for her past sins?

Like Game of Thrones, is not that one likes any of Continue reading

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