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In which Annabel, the atheist, finally finds religion

Source: In which Annabel, the atheist, finally finds religion


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Country Living II

binsThere is no rubbish collection from the house there. Instead, it is back to the middle ages. To throw anything away, I have to drive to the local midden, 4 miles away, where I have installed a pair of bins, which I had to buy from the council yesterday.

With splendid irony, there is a separate bin for recyclables. No matter that I have to drive a round trip of 8 miles, emitting exhaust fumes all the while, to do my bit to save the planet.

No matter. Anything flamable goes Continue reading

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Daughter II

SuperWhile Daughter I continues her travels, Daughter II has made another silent movie. Last year, she made Mirror, Mirror which was placed second among the South Australian entries in the International Youth Silent Film Festival, and hence qualified for the finals.  This year, her even better movie Super has just been placed first, and so again she makes the finals in Portland, Oregon.

Hugely proud of Lucy. It is bad form, of course, to Continue reading

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Wine, wine and more wine…

Source: Wine, wine and more wine…

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Daughter I

abelleMy darling elder daughter has started her latest round of travels – her idea is to visit 30 countries by the time she is 30.

She is writing a blog about it all.

Good for her. She is starting in South Africa, which she evidently likes so far.

Happily, Myponga Continue reading

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Country Living I

IMGP5678I have no problem with few neighbours. The few that I have are charming.

But I would like to watch a bit of civilised television of an evening. There is no reception for SBS here. The reception for ABC is intermitent. Reception for upteen channels of commercial crap is, of course, excellent.

Satellite is an option. But I resent paying a load of money for a load of channels of Hollywood pap and Aussie Rules football  that I would never watch.

Catch up is possible, although I have yet to set up any internet connection to any TV, and it may be a bit feeble. My internet is via mobile. I get 2 bars of 4G. Which is fine for work. But query if it will work to watch much TV.

Over the years I have paid a shedload of tax in the UK. I think I should be allowed to access BBC catch-up. But oh no.

Meanwhile, I am reading Continue reading

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So. I have moved.

Still surrounded by boxes, and with a lot to fix up.  But at least there are views.

IMGP5698 Continue reading


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