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Jess Philips


It is now a few days since an unnamed female parliamentary researcher has complained that her former lover – a Tory MP – should be punished by having the whip withdrawn. She is apparently “devastated” that the Tory party has not suspended him on the strength of her allegation.

It seems that the lady in question had been in a relationship with the Tory MP for quite some time, and has since complained about what happened on four occasions between July 2019 in January 2020.  The matter is now in the hands of the police.

It is, perhaps, hardly surprising that the Tory party take the view that the MP in question should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. We do not, of course, know anything at all about the facts of what went on in those four occasions.  Is this a case of hell having no fury like a woman scorned? We don’t know. But it does seem curious that if the Tory MP had been raping her and sexually assaulting her, that she apparently continued with the relationship for some considerable time.  And so when Continue reading

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A Question

plumpThis is a question, not a complaint, let alone any criticism.

Why does it appear, from pretty much all the photographs in the media, that pretty much all nurses dealing with coronavirus are plump?

Part of it might be that the protective gear they wear is hardly flattering to the figure. But unless they are Continue reading


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On Hysteria

I was invited to put an opinion piece up in The Telegraph in London the other day, and did so.[1] Blogs that I put up on this website get maybe a hundred hits or so. My Telegraph piece has had, I believe, about 20,000 hits. That makes this site, I guess, very special, with its select readership.

The general drift of the piece was evident from its headline: Australia’s hysterical response to this pandemic is downright bonkers. But it is not just the Australian government which has overreacted.

It is now a few months since Covid 19 became apparent, which is enough time for at least some dust to settle. It seems to me that the key features of the landscape are as follows Continue reading

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The American Nick

NickIn the UK, the prize plonker, by far, in terms of making false allegations of sexual misconduct has been Carl Beech a.k.a. “Nick”. He was believed for quite some time before it was demonstrated that he was a fantasist, and that his allegations of paedophilia were either entirely false, or almost entirely false. He is currently serving 18 years at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

In the USA, Virginia Roberts a.k.a. Virginia Roberts Giuffre has been coming up fast on the rails. It remains to be seen just how much of her tissue of allegations stands up to examination. For the time being, she has been largely believed.

But she may have been unwise in making allegations against the lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who is smart, determined and almost certainly entirely innocent of her allegations. He has got the pip, and seems quite keen that she should do time, saying Continue reading

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Black Lives Get Richer

Social media has suggested, in the past few days, the donations to the Black Lives Matter Global Network end up going to the Democratic party in the United States. You might or might not think that this is a good thing. Personally, I think the Democratic party and the Republican party are about equally flawed: the Democratic party is riddled with crooks and the Republican party is riddled with bores. Take your choice.

Certainly, the three owners of the Black Lives Matter Global Network  – Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi  – are unlikely to support the Republican party. Be that as it may, it seems overwhelmingly probable that they do not in fact give the donations to the Democratic party.

Depending on your point of view, the truth seems to be either better or worse. In large measure (well, 71%), it seems that they simply keep it, for themselves or for their “consultants”: Continue reading

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Barbarous History

Captain_walter_croker_horror_stricken_at_algiers_1815The Black Lives Matter movement does cause us to take another look at the issue of slavery, and one thing that is all too apparent is that the popular picture of white Europeans enslaving black Africans is massively distorted. Less than 10% of the slavery we know about falls in that category. As regards modern slavery, Wikipedia notes:

The number of people currently enslaved around the world is far greater than the number of slaves during the historical Atlantic slave trade.[1]

All slavery is detestable, and it is much to the credit of the British government that the British largely led the abolition of slavery around the world. Slavery has been more or less unknown in England for over a thousand years, and was formally declared illegal in England in the 18th century and throughout the British Empire early in the 19th century. Other countries – United States and Brazil for example – retained slavery for decades after that.

What is frequently overlooked these days is that one of the most prevalent slave trades in relatively recent times was the slave trade perpetrated by Africans, who enslaved not only other Africans, but also large numbers of Europeans. These slavers known variously as the Barbary Pirates or the Corsairs, carried out

raids on European coastal towns and villages, mainly in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, but also in the British Isles,[1] the Netherlands, and Iceland.[2]

The numbers were not small. Again, according to Wikipedia:

Between 1580 and 1680 corsairs were said to have captured about 850,000 people as slaves and from 1530 to 1780 as many as 1,250,000 people were enslaved.[1]

It didn’t stop there; they continued capturing white slaves, typically Continue reading


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The Fight against Censorship

TobyToby Young’s contribution to the the lockdown debate has been censored by YouTube. They say it offends their “guidelines”.

So here it is on another platform: Judge for yourselves.

As it happens, I agree with Toby Young, and indeed Lord Sumption (a great lawyer, who makes Baroness Hale look like an annoying feminist student), on this issue. But more to the point, legitimate commentary should not be consored. Not by YouTube. Not by Twitter. Not by the BBC or the ABC. Not by the State. Oh no. We are not Continue reading

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The White Cat


White cat“All happy families are alike. But each unhappy family is unhappy in its own particular way”.

So wrote Leo Tolstoy. But in Russian, obviously.

Similarly, all who hope that Dominic Cummins will ride out the current storm are alike in thinking that he is that rare example of someone pulling the levers of power who is clever, imaginative and determined, and who is not trying to turn the United Kingdom into a sludge of pallid subservience. And, it turns out, someone who is prepared to do something brave and useful to protect his wife and child.

In contrast, what an awe-inspiring and colourful array of spite and vindictiveness we see from those trying to pull him down! Here are a few attitudes:

Greta Thunberg; Climate change activist

The cost of his trip to Durham is that people are DYING! Whole communities are being WIPED OUT! All he can do is to give EXPLANATIONS! In WORDS! How dare he? How DARE he?

Lord Adonis; Remainer

He had it coming. We told people how to vote in the EU referendum, and he conspired to encourage people to think for themselves. The little shit!

Baroness Hale, Judge

Off with his head. (Blah blah blah). For the foregoing reasons, we find that the defendant, in looking after his wife and child, had failed to observe the human rights of other members of the European Community, who have a legitimate interest in the United Kingdom placing itself in a comparative economic disadvantage. Accordingly, he and everything he has done is a nullity.

Steve Baker, Conservative MP Continue reading


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Flopsy Killer Chart Topper?

flopsiesThere are of course numerous ways in which the flopsies kill people.

  • Among the most recent are the efforts of NGOs funded by the European Union to prevent the use of insecticides in Africa. This has caused a massive plague of locusts, and hence famine.
  • Coronavirus lockdown inevitably causes massive damage to economies, and will inevitably mean that, in the years to come, governments will inevitably be less able to afford to offer free healthcare.
  • The antinuclear power movement means more expensive domestic electricity. In Japan, for example, the shutdown of the nuclear industry following the Fukushima incident has caused massive electricity price increases, and hence cost many lives of those who have been unable to afford to heat their homes properly.
  • Similarly, the climate change lobby is especially damaging to Third World regions in stifling the deployment of affordable power generation. People die, not least, because they are forced to continue to cook their food indoors using dung and other unsuitable materials as fuel sources.

The common factor, of course, is that the deaths are always indirect consequences; the flopsies rarely have to watch their victims suffer and die. And when they do, they will persuade themselves that someone else is to blame. Take the first example, the flopsies who cause the plagues that would otherwise have been prevented by the use of insecticides might see starving children, but they are highly unlikely to Continue reading


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Something Rotten in the State of Primark


signingSomething really strange is going on in UK politics.

It was only a wet weekend ago that that nice Jeremy Hunt persuaded us all (well, most of us) that something ought to be done to rein in, even if only a little bit, the stupendous waste within the National Health Service, the cost of which was spiralling out of control. I’m not suggesting that he was universally loved, particularly by the Jo Brand (“Chuck battery acid in their faces”) School of Socialist Nursing. But, by the end of the run-off in the election for the Conservative party leadership last year, he looked, compared with Boris the Bear, the more cuddly option. Very Jeremy.

But now look what has happened. Just a few months on, there is a nasty flu-like illness going around which has been bumping off some coffin dodgers. What is our new no-nonsense government doing about it?

The first thing it is done has lain down at the feet of Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, whose track record for getting things wrong in the field of epidemiology is rivalled only by Tim Flannery’s track record for getting everything wrong in the field of climate change. On the basis of some dodgy code which Professor Ferguson has not been prepared to release (“Well, yeah, I wrote it a while ago, and it’s not really documented, and there are some rather furry bits around the edges”) the country has been reduced to a “lockdown” in a way that neither Napoleon, nor Hitler, nor Strictly Come Dancing has been able to manage.

Nobody, I think, seriously suggests that ruining the country’s economy in this way is likely to reduce the death toll from Covid-19; at best, they are looking at “flattening the curve” (aka Continue reading


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