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The Solar Panels on Climate Change

It is seriously worrying that the South Australian government is currently spending $2.6 million of taxpayers money on an advertising campaign about energy. It now says that it is “taking control” of the situation.  That is bad. Very bad.

Electricity here is already 3 times as expensive as in the US, and I have had many power cuts this year. So a bad situation looks like it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

dashboardSo I have installed a solar system on the roof. This is not because I think solar is great. It is because I think the grid supply is really bad, and getting worse. It comes with an internet based dashboard, so I can see what it going on. Right now, for example, my panels are generating 5kW. Most of that is powering the house. Some is charging up the battery which provides power at night. And I am exporting a bit of it to the grid. It is surprisingly compelling, watching the dashboard as the sun comes out and then dives back behind a cloud.

Daft ideas from the State government here Continue reading


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Comments on Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs

Over 500 people have now signed this petition. Some of the comments are as follows. I have not sought to edit them in any way. Nor have I removed any negative comments – there have been none. I have removed some comments in foreign languages because I have no idea what they mean.

Additional comments: At the end of this post, I have picked up in green some of the comments which I now learn were made in response to the Council’s limited consultation exercise last year. These ones are edited – they cover a multitude of other views about vehicles on beaches etc.

The Comments:

Latest Comments:

This is unfair on both the dogs and their owners – like people on the beach, dogs should be allowed to run freely, and I’m sure they aren’t going to cause any problems.  If they were previously allowed to run freely, why the sudden change?  Free the doggies!

Councils generally need a wake-up call.  Their purpose is to represent the interests of their constituents fairly and sensibly, not to place yet another layer of ill-conceived and often downright silly rules and regulations on an a population already overburdened by a Nanny state mentality.   The fact that some mother’s children are scared says more about the mother than dogs on the beach.  Four legs, good.  Two legs often really stupid…

Be civilised. I reside n Australia and we have many designated dog ie leash free beaches.These are very popular and work well.Become civilized and educated!

I can’t believe this! We like to stay down Yankalilla because our dogs can enjoy the beaches as much as we do. Surely this ban will affect potential tourist stays?

Shared beach time with dogs is a reasonable (and joyous) outcome observed by Councils across Adelaide.  I suggest that Councillors visit the very happy, busy, dog inhabited Henley/grange beaches on a Busy Saturday morning- clear evidence that people and free roaming (under effective control) dogs co- habit well.  Dogs need to run, socialize and swim freely.  Do not take this opportunity from dogs and their owners.  For what justifiable reason?

Dogs should be able to run like they are meant to. No way could people run enough to provide sufficient exercise for these animals..

Absolutely.  Just why has this happened?  Dogs love the beach…….

We are sooo overregulated in the WRONG things in this country.  Walking off-leash with my dogs is a life-long dream for me and we CANNOT decrease the number of the these areas for those lucky enough to live near one.   These promotes mental health and well being for not only the owners but their beloved pets as well.

It’s our feckless bureaucratic eejits that should be kept on a leash. Many of them also need muzzling. If they have nothing better to do than this they should be unemployed. Must go now, my B.S. filter needs cleaning.

Dogs and humans have always walked together and this is an attack on the freedom of both to enjoy life.

I have friends who are being affected by this new by-law.

Whats the point of (to a dog) of a sedate stroll.A dog wants to run and splash and chase other dogs.

I have lived on Sampson road for 23 years and have taken my border collie to the beach many a time and let her have a run and NEVER had an issue, most times there have been other people with their dogs doing the same thing. As long as we all respect each other and the environment. I can’t see the problem.

We have by-laws for everything now.m Where is the reasonableness. Continue reading

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A Rare Petition

575238_222880941184528_1973088916_nI am not big into petitions. But the recent By-Law designed to stop dogs running freely on local beaches really does get my goat.

So, if you can be troubled, and if you agree that dogs (including Perdita, of course) should be allowed to run freely on the beach, I really would be grateful if you would add your name.

You can read more and sign the petition here: Continue reading

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Australia’s worst politician?


olssonViews are bound to vary about who is your least favourite politician in Australia. Right now, my candidate would be Councillor David Olsson of the Yankalilla District Council. Why? Read on. Continue reading

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A Topical Test Case for the EU

On Independence Day +7, the EU is legally obligated to fix a bit of its own malpractice. Will this happen, or will the EU continue down a path of continuing failure, fraud and cover-up?

Here is the skinny. It is a long story, and I will tell it as briefly as possible. Why am I telling it? Because it represents in a demonstrable and unequivocal way just how corrupt the EU is, and how hard it will be to reform it into an honest and respectable organisation.

In 2003, Robert McCoy was Financial Controller of the Committee of the Regions, one of the many arms of the EU octopus. He had been working in various capacities for institutions of the EU/EEC/Common Market since 1974.  The Committee of the Regions is something that might have been invented by the writers of Yes, Minister. It has a budget of several tens of millions of Euros a year, and (these days) 350 members whose role is, well, shall we say, nebulous. The Commission and the Council can, if they want, consult the Committee of the Regions whenever new proposals are made in areas that have repercussions at regional or local level.  So, members of the Committee of the Regions travel around the regions at EU expense. To be regional. It is, in short, a very expensive talk shop.


Sir Albert Bore

Robert McCoy’s job, on its face, was to identify, report on and stamp out financial irregularities in the organisation. He was to verify the accounts.  He was responsible to the President of that Committee, the improbably named Sir Albert Bore, a Scottish Labour party appointee, and a mayor in Birmingham.  With the benefit of hindsight, it seems that what Robert McCoy was actually expected to do by the Committee of the Regions was to turn a blind eye to those irregularities. Continue reading

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Hillsborough Baby Of Truth Thrown Out With The Bathwater Of Fudge

I posted a while ago about the Hillsborough Report, in which a panel set up by Liverpudlian Government Minister Andy Burnham[1] and chaired by the Bishop of Liverpool, exonerated some Liverpool football fans.  These were the fans who in 1989 crushed to death 96 other Liverpool fans while trying to get into a football ground in Yorkshire to watch a football match that was just starting.  The finding was that the fans who did the crushing were not at all responsible for those deaths. It was all the fault of the police and other authorities.

map hillsboroughNow, in case you, dear reader, are American or otherwise a bit vague about English geography, I should explain that the north of England is divided by the Pennines, a range of hills which runs North-South. The Pennines are too hilly for anything much apart from a National Park.  On the West is Lancashire: the two big cities are Liverpool and Manchester. And on the East is Yorkshire, including York and Sheffield. There has been a bit of rivalry between them.  In 1455, for example, they went to war[2], and stayed at war for 30 years. Exact figures are hard to come by, but perhaps about 50,000 people were killed in that conflict[3]; it was ended, ironically, by a Welshman, Henry Tudor, at the Battle of Bosworth, who promptly got himself Continue reading

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Blairmore -Blairless?

blairmore.jpgIt is an odd irony that David Cameron’s family’s trust should be called Blairmore. Blairless might have been more apt.

It is also, I suspect, a dangerous precedent for him to have revealed the details of his tax affairs.  If politicians are to be routinely exposed to this sort of scrutiny, I wonder how much the potential pool of capable people willing to stand for public office will shrink? It is all very well for penniless career politicians, who have never had a real job, and whose families have no money, to volunteer their tax returns. They have nothing to declare.

People who have inherited some wealth might want a bit more privacy for their families, and should Continue reading

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Make Love, not War (if you want to go to prison)


I put up a post the other day about a young man who has been sent to prison for 6 years for making love to a young woman. By way of contrast, two other young men (also from the North of England) have escaped any substantial punishment notwithstanding having being caught on camera torturing the family pet – a bulldog.  They had videoed the event, but then later accidentally dropped the SD card on a supermarket floor.  Someone evidently found it, watched it, and reported it to the RSPCA.

The young men were Andrew and Daniel Frankish. To screams of delighted fun from them, the poor animal was repeatedly abused, thrown down a flight of stairs, stamped on, kicked and then hurled head first onto the floor. The dog was thereby crippled, losing the use of her hind legs, and was later put down.

The pair received Continue reading

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It is a less than satisfactory feature of the UK political system that individuals who donate large amounts of money to political parties tend to be rewarded, in due course, with a peerage. Some of these individuals, such as Lord McAlpine, are largely unexceptionable and others, such as Lord Ashcroft are less admirable.

youngDCIn return for his donations, it seems that Lord Ashcroft expected first to be made treasurer of the Conservative party, which happened, and then when the Conservative party regained power, to be given ministerial appointment, which did not happen. Lord Ashcroft was evidently less than pleased, and in revenge has written a book about the present Prime Minister, David Cameron, accusing him among other things of having, whilst at university, put his private parts into the mouth of the dead pig as part of an initiation ritual for the Piers Galveston Society. Presumably, this supposed to have been at the dinner table.

It is an unlikely story, but the interesting thing is that it appears to have rather rebounded on Lord Ashcroft. A recent survey suggests that the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom do not think any the worse of David Cameron for the story – whether they believe it or not – and I suspect that a number of people find the notion improbable but nevertheless rather cheering, as suggesting a feisty side to David Cameron’s character which might otherwise thought to be a little lacklustre. And so Continue reading

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Some Blasted Heath (others will doubtless do likewise)

ted-heathThere has been a good deal in the news this week about allegations of child molestation by Sir Edward Heath.

It is impossible to know for sure if these allegations have any substance. There is an element of improbability about the whole thing; he was self-evidently such a prig and a prude that it is difficult to imagine him getting up to anything particularly salacious.And anyway, at the relevant time, the entourage around him would have made it virtually impossible for him to engage in anything particularly nefarious.

Since he is dead, Sir Edward is entirely unable to defend himself. Since the police have Continue reading

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