How to deliver a fridge

There are a couple of things one might say if a friend suggests that one helps him deliver a use commercial fridge to a cattle station some 2000 kilometers away. They boil down, essentially, to “yes” and “no”.  Having just spent a week in trial in Melbourne, I thought it might be good idea to swop my wig for an Akubra for a few days. So I said yes.

IMGP5271The fridge was duly loaded up on the back of a ute.  I joined the delivery process at Alice Springs airport: our destination was Napperby Station, just a couple of hundred kilometres out of Alice. The fridge was, of course, quite heavy, but that was no problem, at all:  the owner of the station, Roy Chisholm, has loads of boy’s toys, including of course a fork lift truck.IMGP5272

He also has cattle: lots of them. I had vaguely assumed that the land thereabouts would be barren, but it was surprisingly lush. At various points around the property he has watering holesIMGP5175with herons

IMGP5174supplied by wind powered pumps

IMGP5179and his cattle look perfectly healthy

IMGP5209Such stations are vast. Roy’s front drive is some 25 miles long, and the whole station is some 50 miles by 40 miles – about the size of an English county. Roy has about 14,000 head, and so to keep an eye on them, he uses a helicopter

IMGP5196Riding in the helicopter was a great experience, and the views from it are spectacular

IMGP5269including those of the salt lake on the property: Lake Lewis

IMGP5251The helicopter is also used to muster cattle, although these particular chaps did not particularly want to be mustered

IMGP5242And the camels seemed well aware that they are not welcome (they push fences over)

IMGP5229The trip was huge fun, and Roy was a brilliant host.


It was a long drive back. By the time we got back the Flinders Ranges, we were nearly home.

Flinders Stitch


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