Brexit on the Track


Lewis Hamilton Unrepentant

Just a few days after the Brexit decision by the voters of the UK, German driver Nico Rosberg attempted to run English driver Lewis Hamilton off the track in the Austrian Grand Prix.  It was on the last lap, when the faster Hamilton was overtaking the slower Rosberg. Rosberg’s brakes were already damaged and the result of the collision was that Hamilton won the race and Rosberg limped home 4th with his car even more damaged.  As I write this, the stewards are considering whether to further penalise the German for his poor behaviour.

The Austrian crowd booed Hamilton as he took his prize.  Unsurprisingly, Hamilton was unrepentant.

A metaphor for European reaction to Brexit, perhaps?

It was also reminiscent of the time when the German driver Michael Schumacher did the same thing to English driver Damon Hill some years ago in the Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide. On that occasion, the German driver was not penalised by the stewards, and thereby stole the world championship for that year.



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  1. The Stewards have since handed Rosberg a 10 second penalty, some penalty points on his licence and a reprimand.

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