Grid Kids are Creepy

seb gridOne of the sillier things about F1 motor racing is the grid girls. They have been a feature of the sport for many years, standing around smiling, but doing not a lot.

Their excuse is to hold lollipops to show who is who on the starting grid.14 grid

Sometimes, they are modestly dressed.

bahrain grid

Sometimes a little less so.

15 grid

But pretty harmless, one would have thought. Except in the eyes of the feminists, and their camp followers, who have decided to ban them in favour of children. To “widen the appeal” of the sport.

grid kids

I suspect I am not alone in think that that is not only daft, but really a bit creepy. They will be wanting to replace pole dancers with children next, or getting the little darlings to flambé Crepes Suzettes at the tables of expensive restaurants in Belgium, or to carry round trays of oversized glasses of beer at German beer festivals. There is a place for children: this is not one of them.


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