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We Want Paxo!

PaxoThere is not much I miss about living in England these days. Most of the good things – Marmite, The Times Crossword Puzzle, The News Quiz etc – can be had here in Australia, where it is warm and sunny.

But not BBC iPlayer.  I want to watch the Paxo Doco on the EU, but it is blocked for ip addresses outside the UK.  The BBC has even shut down VPN access.

Like many expatriates, I have paid a shedload of UK tax, not to mention many years of paying the BBC licence fee. Surely, there could be some sort of system whereby holders of a UK passport around the world could subscribe for a fee to BBC iPlayer?  There are some millions of us, and the income lost Continue reading


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Piers Review – A Tale of Two Brothers

PiersLooking at his website, WeatherAction, you might think that Piers Corbyn is a bit of an eccentric. But he is not stupid. His younger brother Jeremy Corbyn has an indifferent academic record, scraping together just 2 bare pass (“E grade”) A levels. By contrast, Piers has a first class degree in physics from Imperial College and an MSc in astrophysics from Queen Mary College.

As I have remarked before, I rather like Jeremy Corbyn, although I agree with the consensus view that he will probably keep the Labour Party out of power in the UK for quite some while. And I do not think Jeremy is wrong about everything. Piers, I like rather a lot. As a Marxist (ex-Marxist?), his politics are even pottier than Jeremy’s (they get it from their parents, it seems), but as a scientist, he is a breath of fresh air. He is not just a global warming sceptic, but an outright denier. Like many of us, he has noted that the predictions of CO2 induced warming over the past 18 years are a busted flush – the actual data simply do not support the CO2 theory. But unlike many of us, he has answers as to why this is.

These are largely to do with the Continue reading

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Low Gear

TGSo. The BBC has fired Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. The BBC’s Lord Hall said:

Well, yes. So it is a bit hard to see what the BBC has achieved by firing him. Top Gear has been generating about £50 million a year for the BBC. The income is now almost certainly going to be lost, and will presumably now be gathered in by whichever television company hires him, and probably the other Continue reading

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Black Cloud – Silver Lining

Readers of this blog will perhaps have noted that I have commented adversely on the BBC’s Richard Black, for his proselyting on the subject of climate change.

He has gone.

It would be graceless to gloat.  But it was the right thing.  The reputation of the BBC is more important that the personal crusade of any one person.

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