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Comments on Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs

Over 500 people have now signed this petition. Some of the comments are as follows. I have not sought to edit them in any way. Nor have I removed any negative comments – there have been none. I have removed some comments in foreign languages because I have no idea what they mean.

Additional comments: At the end of this post, I have picked up in green some of the comments which I now learn were made in response to the Council’s limited consultation exercise last year. These ones are edited – they cover a multitude of other views about vehicles on beaches etc.

The Comments:

Latest Comments:

This is unfair on both the dogs and their owners – like people on the beach, dogs should be allowed to run freely, and I’m sure they aren’t going to cause any problems.  If they were previously allowed to run freely, why the sudden change?  Free the doggies!

Councils generally need a wake-up call.  Their purpose is to represent the interests of their constituents fairly and sensibly, not to place yet another layer of ill-conceived and often downright silly rules and regulations on an a population already overburdened by a Nanny state mentality.   The fact that some mother’s children are scared says more about the mother than dogs on the beach.  Four legs, good.  Two legs often really stupid…

Be civilised. I reside n Australia and we have many designated dog ie leash free beaches.These are very popular and work well.Become civilized and educated!

I can’t believe this! We like to stay down Yankalilla because our dogs can enjoy the beaches as much as we do. Surely this ban will affect potential tourist stays?

Shared beach time with dogs is a reasonable (and joyous) outcome observed by Councils across Adelaide.  I suggest that Councillors visit the very happy, busy, dog inhabited Henley/grange beaches on a Busy Saturday morning- clear evidence that people and free roaming (under effective control) dogs co- habit well.  Dogs need to run, socialize and swim freely.  Do not take this opportunity from dogs and their owners.  For what justifiable reason?

Dogs should be able to run like they are meant to. No way could people run enough to provide sufficient exercise for these animals..

Absolutely.  Just why has this happened?  Dogs love the beach…….

We are sooo overregulated in the WRONG things in this country.  Walking off-leash with my dogs is a life-long dream for me and we CANNOT decrease the number of the these areas for those lucky enough to live near one.   These promotes mental health and well being for not only the owners but their beloved pets as well.

It’s our feckless bureaucratic eejits that should be kept on a leash. Many of them also need muzzling. If they have nothing better to do than this they should be unemployed. Must go now, my B.S. filter needs cleaning.

Dogs and humans have always walked together and this is an attack on the freedom of both to enjoy life.

I have friends who are being affected by this new by-law.

Whats the point of (to a dog) of a sedate stroll.A dog wants to run and splash and chase other dogs.

I have lived on Sampson road for 23 years and have taken my border collie to the beach many a time and let her have a run and NEVER had an issue, most times there have been other people with their dogs doing the same thing. As long as we all respect each other and the environment. I can’t see the problem.

We have by-laws for everything now.m Where is the reasonableness. Continue reading

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The Council Strikes Back!

As I have previously noted, I am not a regular petitioner. In fact, my petition on Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs is the first and only time I have initiated a petition on a matter of public interest, or indeed anything else. I am told by that 85% of petitions never even reach 50 supporters,  but since my petition was launched earlier this week, it has already found over 500 supporters. If you have not supported it, but would like to do so; please do so.

The response of the Chief Executive of Yankalilla District Council was initially to show interest in the petition[1], but this interest now appears to have somewhat waned[2].

But what has happened, since the launch of the petition, is that approximately 5:50 PM on Wednesday I was visited by an officer of the Council, who personally served on me an Expiation Notice[3] alleging that that Perdita was “wandering at large” on the beach on 5th January.


It is a surprising document, because it Continue reading

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A Rare Petition

575238_222880941184528_1973088916_nI am not big into petitions. But the recent By-Law designed to stop dogs running freely on local beaches really does get my goat.

So, if you can be troubled, and if you agree that dogs (including Perdita, of course) should be allowed to run freely on the beach, I really would be grateful if you would add your name.

You can read more and sign the petition here: Continue reading

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Myponga Beach Nutters

beech-nutMyponga Beach is lovely. It is a place where people can let their dogs run up and down, newly-weds come to have their photographs taken as a great reminder of their special day and get away from totalitarian government control for an hour or two.

But not if the watermelons have their way. They have been lobbying to have the rules changed to stop all of this. I know from my own experience that they are nutters, and that at least one of them has been traducing my own Perdita, wrongly accusing her of killing seagulls and bothering people. She has done neither of these things.

There is a feedback site: Although I went to the Council was was assured that I would be included in list of consultees, it was only yesterday that I found out be serendipity that today is the last day for objections. This is what I have just put in:

I was saddened to hear of proposals to prevent residents from allowing our dogs to run freely on Myponga Beach.

That freedom is one of life’s pleasures, for both owners and their dogs.

It appears that someone called Renée Mead, who describes herself as a “Beach-nesting Birds Project Officer” for BirdLife Australia in Victoria has been lobbying for beaches, including Myponga, to be restricted to “on-leash”. As any dog owner will know, active dogs do not get the exercise they need on leash.  Perhaps Ms Mead means well, but it would be absurd to allow special interest groups like this destroy the amenity of our beaches.

The problem seems to be hooded plovers, which nest on beaches, most of them preferring to live in Tasmania and Western Australia. There are many, many beaches in Australia where these birds can nest, but hardly any beaches in the Yankalilla District where dogs can be freely exercised.

Bird protection societies seem to have more than fair share of nutters; it would be a great shame if they were to be allowed to ruin one of the State’s best beaches.

PS What is with the proposal to restrict newly-weds from having some photographs taken on the beach? Is there some mad Miss Haversham with a telescope trained on the beach, determined to spoil any sign of happiness there?

It is to be hoped that common sense will prevail, but who knows? If they do, it will certainly blight the pleasure of living at Myponga for me. And cause real distress also to many other dog lovers. And shift the hooded plover from the “never done me any harm” category to outright pest.

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4967016516_e6cd32afdb_bWell, what the heck??!

It seems there is something called the Lingerie League, where women play American football in their underwear. Including faux straps for non-existent stockings.

Decent lingerie is fine. But there is a time and a place!

I do not really Continue reading

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No rush

BulletMy children (or at least one of them, presumably speaking on behalf of them all?) have promised to buy me a new Bristol, as and when they have earned enough money.

The latest Bristol is the Bristol Bullet, which is a 2 seater open top sports car.  It does look stylish, but I will be very happy to wait until the next 4 seater is available, which is apparently going to be very high-tech, and might be a while yet in the gestation.

So there is really no need for my children to be in any great rush to Continue reading

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Brexit on the Track


Lewis Hamilton Unrepentant

Just a few days after the Brexit decision by the voters of the UK, German driver Nico Rosberg attempted to run English driver Lewis Hamilton off the track in the Austrian Grand Prix.  It was on the last lap, when the faster Hamilton was overtaking the slower Rosberg. Rosberg’s brakes were already damaged and the result of the collision was that Hamilton won the race and Rosberg limped home 4th with his car even more damaged.  As I write this, the stewards are considering whether to further penalise the German for his poor behaviour.

The Austrian crowd booed Hamilton as he took his prize.  Unsurprisingly, Hamilton was Continue reading

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A Tower of Babble

Press conference by Danuta Hübner

Press conference by Danuta Hübner

Now, here is a fun story. Danuta Hübner is the Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, and she has just announced at a press conference  that, following Brexit, the English language will disappear from EU documents. She noted (speaking in English, by the way) that “The Irish have notified Gaelic and the Maltese have notified Maltese, so you have only the UK notifying English”.

There are 11 Irish MEPs, and it is a fair bet that, for some of them at least, their Gaelic might be a bit rusty.  My research suggests that only a minority of Irish population as a whole can speak Gaelic at all – even Polish is more widely spoken in Ireland. One can well understand why they Continue reading

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Attacking the Defence

CamoA significant issue, of course, in the run-up to the U.K.’s EU referendum is the prospect of Turkey joining the EU. This would be of concern to many voters, not only because Turkey is an Islamic state, but also because its relative poverty, compared with the UK, and its very substantial population. The principle of free movement of people is absolutely fundamental to the EU, and so the prospect of many tens of millions of Turkish people having the absolute right to move to the UK is, for many voters, and alarming one. Personally, I have found the Turks that I have met in the UK, and who I now occasionally meet on the international stage, absolutely charming, and I would not myself put this issue centre stage. There is no denying, however, that it is a political “hot potato”, and the Prime Minister David Cameron steamed in, claiming that one of his own ministers, Penny Mordaunt, was “absolutely wrong” on the topic. She is alleged to have said on the Andrew Marr Show that the UK would have no veto on Turkey joining the EU.

So I decided to look up the transcript. There was initially Continue reading

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The Huffington iPost



The Editor of The Huffington Post (HuffPo as Delingpole calls it) has posted this image of an editor’s meeting there:


The text for the post was:

Notice anything about this @HuffingtonPost editors meeting?

Well, obviously, apart from the observation that an all-female team is no more balanced than an all-male team (so no room for smugness), many have noticed the absence of any black people.  And all pretty much the same age. So a bad score for diversity there.

What strikes me is the ubiquity of those girly iPads.

I bumped into some American Continue reading

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