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4967016516_e6cd32afdb_bWell, what the heck??!

It seems there is something called the Lingerie League, where women play American football in their underwear. Including faux straps for non-existent stockings.

Decent lingerie is fine. But there is a time and a place!

I do not really Continue reading

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No rush

BulletMy children (or at least one of them, presumably speaking on behalf of them all?) have promised to buy me a new Bristol, as and when they have earned enough money.

The latest Bristol is the Bristol Bullet, which is a 2 seater open top sports car.  It does look stylish, but I will be very happy to wait until the next 4 seater is available, which is apparently going to be very high-tech, and might be a while yet in the gestation.

So there is really no need for my children to be in any great rush to Continue reading

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Brexit on the Track


Lewis Hamilton Unrepentant

Just a few days after the Brexit decision by the voters of the UK, German driver Nico Rosberg attempted to run English driver Lewis Hamilton off the track in the Austrian Grand Prix.  It was on the last lap, when the faster Hamilton was overtaking the slower Rosberg. Rosberg’s brakes were already damaged and the result of the collision was that Hamilton won the race and Rosberg limped home 4th with his car even more damaged.  As I write this, the stewards are considering whether to further penalise the German for his poor behaviour.

The Austrian crowd booed Hamilton as he took his prize.  Unsurprisingly, Hamilton was Continue reading

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A Tower of Babble

Press conference by Danuta Hübner

Press conference by Danuta Hübner

Now, here is a fun story. Danuta Hübner is the Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, and she has just announced at a press conference  that, following Brexit, the English language will disappear from EU documents. She noted (speaking in English, by the way) that “The Irish have notified Gaelic and the Maltese have notified Maltese, so you have only the UK notifying English”.

There are 11 Irish MEPs, and it is a fair bet that, for some of them at least, their Gaelic might be a bit rusty.  My research suggests that only a minority of Irish population as a whole can speak Gaelic at all – even Polish is more widely spoken in Ireland. One can well understand why they Continue reading

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Attacking the Defence

CamoA significant issue, of course, in the run-up to the U.K.’s EU referendum is the prospect of Turkey joining the EU. This would be of concern to many voters, not only because Turkey is an Islamic state, but also because its relative poverty, compared with the UK, and its very substantial population. The principle of free movement of people is absolutely fundamental to the EU, and so the prospect of many tens of millions of Turkish people having the absolute right to move to the UK is, for many voters, and alarming one. Personally, I have found the Turks that I have met in the UK, and who I now occasionally meet on the international stage, absolutely charming, and I would not myself put this issue centre stage. There is no denying, however, that it is a political “hot potato”, and the Prime Minister David Cameron steamed in, claiming that one of his own ministers, Penny Mordaunt, was “absolutely wrong” on the topic. She is alleged to have said on the Andrew Marr Show that the UK would have no veto on Turkey joining the EU.

So I decided to look up the transcript. There was initially Continue reading

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The Huffington iPost



The Editor of The Huffington Post (HuffPo as Delingpole calls it) has posted this image of an editor’s meeting there:


The text for the post was:

Notice anything about this @HuffingtonPost editors meeting?

Well, obviously, apart from the observation that an all-female team is no more balanced than an all-male team (so no room for smugness), many have noticed the absence of any black people.  And all pretty much the same age. So a bad score for diversity there.

What strikes me is the ubiquity of those girly iPads.

I bumped into some American Continue reading

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U Suck?

BushThis image has been doing the rounds this week.  Perhaps I am being thick, but I do not understand it.

It is obviously an old fake from a decade ago, as others have noted. But this one is fake loaded onto fake, in that the name IG@davie_dave has been added. Why would anyone want to claim responsibility for such a lame old canard?

Why didn’t whoever did the photoshopping remove the shadow of the cord (as seen in the original image) from Bush’s tie?

Why put replace the original framed photograph with one of Tony Blair? Not Continue reading

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Foolish Renaming

campaignThere was very funny piece in The Times (which I get online) this morning.  It begins:

Students have called for Imperial College and King’s College to be renamed as part of an attempt to “decolonise and demisogynise” higher education.

Members of the University of London student union said the names of the universities were “symptomatic of the historical and structural racism and sexism that cause daily microaggressions to students of colour and those who self-identify as female” and they should instead be called Gaia College and Citizen’s College.

Frederick Chetwynd-Talbot, president of the King’s College Indigenous Peoples’ Society, argued the current names were “inimical to a place of learning that claims to offer a safe space for all”.

He added: “This is about the intersectional oppression suffered each and every day by people from the Global South, and members of the LGBTQ community.”

He has tabled a motion to petition for an immediate overhaul. Naming Imperial after Gaia, the mythical Earth goddess, and changing King’s to Citizen’s College would represent a “powerful mobilisation against institutional white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”.

There a number of comments remarking that this is all very silly. None of them remark Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet are now Both Sex Offenders


Romeo and Juliet would now both liable to lengthy prison sentences for sexual offences including “grooming”

Some months ago, young man and a young woman engaged in some snogging and even some heavy petting in his car in the North of England. It was entirely consensual; they had been exchanging messages about getting together.

Why, you might ask, is this normal if somewhat tawdry behaviour of any concern to any of us? The answer is that the intrusion of the heavy arm of the law on this occasion has proved to be hugely damaging, both the young man and the rest of us who pay tax.

The young woman in question was 15 years old, and for most of the population of most of Europe[1], the behaviour of this young couple would have been absolutely lawful; the pair of them could have snogged, heavily petted and bonked to their hearts content, so long as they were both willing. These sorts of interactions are very common; it seems that about a quarter of young English women first experience sexual Continue reading

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Speed dating strategy


Now here is a question. Suppose you want to get married, and you go to a speed dating session. How do you maximise your chances of marrying the best person you will meet? There is a simple rule here: if you move on from one person to the next, you destroy any prospect of marrying the person you have just moved on from. And, of course, when you start you have no idea of knowing who you are going to meet. And continuing to keep it simple, let’s suppose that any proposal you make will be accepted.

A standard strategy is this: you reject the first few people that you meet, regardless of whether you like them or not. Then what you do after that is to marry the first person you meet who is better than anyone you have met before.

But how many is a few? Is it 10% of the people you are going to meet? There is a danger here of setting your benchmark too low; it is quite likely that Continue reading

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