500 Fenwicks

This is a book I have been preparing about the history of the Fenwick family.

It is necessarily idiosyncratic, but if you have comments about it, feel free to post.  And of course, I would be very grateful for any useful contributions by way of information, photographs etc.

The name comes from an old ballad:

We saw come marching over the knowes,

Five hundred Fenwicks in a flock.

With jack and speir, and bowes all bent,

And warlike weapons at their will.

The Raid of the Reidswire

As at September 2012, the contents page looks like this:

Table of Contents

Five Hundred Fenwicks. 1

Abbreviations. 7

Introduction. 8

Timeline. 10

Northumberland. 14

First Fenwicks. 21

Language. 22

The Name. 25

Origin. 25

Variants. 25

Fenwick Places. 27

Fenwick, Northumberland, UK. 27

Fenwick, Scotland. 29

Fenwick, Connecticut, USA.. 31

Fenwick’s Colony, New Jersey, USA.. 32

Fenwick Island, Delaware, USA.. 33

Fenwick, Nova Scotia. 33

Fenwick, Ontario, Canada, 33

Fenwick, Victoria, Australia. 35

Fenwick Manor, Maryland. 35

Fenwick Bight. 35

Fenwick Houses and Other Castles. 36

Fenwick Castle. 36

Bitchfield Tower. 40

Brinkburn. 43

Burradon. 45

Burrow Hall, Lancashire. 46

Bywell Hall 49

East Heddon. 50

Fenwick Hall 51

Gunnerton Tower, Chollerton. 52

Hartington. 53

Kirkwelpington. 54

Lemmington Hall 55

Little Harle. 57

Maison Fenwick, Bordeaux. 58

Places in Newcastle. 59

Norham Castle. 65

Stanton Hall 66

Sweetthorpe. 70

Tarset Castle. 71

Wallington. 72

Fenwick Insignia. 74

Arms. 74

Seals. 77

Motifs on Silverware. 78

Architectural Decoration. 78

Documentary decoration. 78

Flags. 79

Logos. 79

The Heralds. 80

The Terminology. 80

Connecticut. 82

Fenwick Mottoes. 83

Fighting Fenwicks. 84

Wars with the Scots. 84

The English Civil War. 86

Fenwick participation in the English Civil War. 86

Other Wars. 87

The War of Jenkins’ Ear. 87

Colonial America and the American Revolutionary War. 90

The Napoleonic Wars. 103

The Peninsular War. 104

Another small War in America – the War of 1812. 108

India and Sri Lanka. 109

The Crimea. 118

The Second American Civil War. 120

The Sudan. 131

The First World War. 131

The Colonial Fenwicks in America. 134

Fenwicks at the Bar. 135

Fenwicks in Litigation. 136

Fenwicks of the Cloth. 139

Fenwicks in Trade. 141

Lambton, Bulman, Chambers, Fenwick, and Pybus. 141

Fenwick & Mason. 143

Fenwick Groupe. 143

Fenwicks. 144

Fenwick & Co. 144

Fenwicks in Parliament. 146

Fenwicks as High Sheriff of Northumberland. 149

Fenwick Suffragettes. 154

Mrs Bedford Fenwick. 154

Florence Fenwick Miller. 154

Irene Fenwick Miller. 156

Fenwicks in Song and Verse. 160

Battle of Otherbowine. 160

The Flower Among them All 161

Raid of the Red Swire. 163

Fenwick O’ Bywell 166

Fenwick Horses. 167

White Sorrell c 1690?. 167

Fenwick Barb c. 1711. 167

Matchem 1748. 168

Shadow 1759. 171

Duchess 1748. 172

Brutus 1753. 172

Fenwick Idiots. 174

Literary Fenwicks. 175

Works of Rev George Fenwick of Hallaton. 175

Works of George Fenwick of Georgetown. 175

Work of Ian Fenwick. 175

Bad Eggs. 177

Fictional Fenwicks. 179

Sir Roger Fenwick. 179

John Fenwick. 181

Fictional Fenwicks in the Harry Potter Books. 181

The Fenwick Fox. 182

Individuals. 184

Sir Robert Fenwick. 184

Sir John Fenwick “The Crenellater” (1338 – 1412). 185

Sir John Fenwick “of Agincourt” About 1370 – 348. 187

Sir Ralph de Fenwick (1485 – ?). 191

Sir William Fenwick 1550 – 1613. 193

Sir John Fenwick 1st Bart 1579-1658. 194

Colonel George Fenwick 1603 – 1656. 196

Colonel Sir John Fenwick MP. 200

Edward Fenwick of Stanton Hall 201

Lt-Colonel John Fenwick Abt 1600  – 1658. 204

Cuthbert Fenwick 1614 – 1655. 218

Randall Fenwick About 1620 – 1644. 221

Major John Fenwick, Founder of Salem 1618 – 1683. 222

Rev Ralph Fenwick. 227

Nicholas Fenwick About 1635 – c 1707. 229

Rev Cuthbert Fenwick. 230

Sir John Fenwick, 3rd Bart 1645 – 1697. 232

Roger Fenwick MP 1662 – c1700. 239

Robert Fenwick c 1673. 239

Major General John Fenwick 1677 – 1747. 241

John Fenwick MP (1698-1747). 244

Fenwick, John (1698-1747), of Stanton, Brinkburn and Bywell, Northumb. 245

Captain Thomas Fenwick Abt 1704 – 1765. 247

Captain Robert Fenwick 1714 – 1802. 248

Edward Fenwick Sr “Lord Rippon” 1725 – 1775. 251

Edward Fenwick Jr 1753 – ~“““““ 252

Thomas Fenwick 1758. 254

Colonel William Fenwick RE 1767 – 1817. 255

Brigadier-General John Roger Fenwick 1773 – 1842. 262

George Augustus Fenwick (c 1777 – 1842). 269

Lt-Colonel William Fenwick (1777 – 1832). 270

Order of the Tower and Sword. 272

John Fenwick (“John the Baptist”) 1787 – 1867. 272

Reverend Collingwood Forster Fenwick. 275

Frederick Fenwick  c 1801 – 1887. 279

Lt Col Collingwood Forster Fenwick 1816 – 1875. 280

Fairfax Fenwick 1819 – 1884. 281

Captain Bowes Fenwick abt 1825 – 1855. 282

Rear-Admiral William Henry Fenwick 1827 – 1906. 285

William Frederick Fenwick 1833 – 1918. 291

Charles Fenwick MP (1850-1918). 292

Dr Bedford Fenwick 1855 – 1839. 293

Mrs Bedford Fenwick 1857 – 1947. 294

2nd Lt William Cecil Fenwick 1897 – 1918. 296

Major Ian Fenwick abt 1910 – 1944. 297

Fenwicks with the same name. 302

The Collingwood Forster Fenwicks. 302

The Cuthbert Fenwicks. 302

The George Fenwicks. 302

The Ralph Fenwicks. 303

The Roger Fenwicks. 303

Fenwicks at University. 304

Books. 304

Books about Fenwicks. 304

Other Books. 305



47 responses to “500 Fenwicks

  1. Graham Fenwick

    Hello, whilst surfing the Internet for Fenwick family history I came across your website. I would be very interested in purchasing a copy of your book when finished. I recently attended Newcastle upon Tyne library where they hold a book titled ” the Fenwick Family – eight hundred years of an English Family “. Whilst the book cannot be loaned out I did manage to photocopy a family tree which dates the Fenwick name back to 1050. AD. I would be happy to email you a copy if you wish. The book is elusive to me in searching for it. It was written by Bedford Fenwick in 1930.
    Best Regards, Graham Fenwick.

    • Yes, please do. Bedford Fenwick’s book is out of copyright, but I have yet to track down anyone with a pdf of the whole thing.

    • Dear Graham, I would be very grateful if you could photo copy or email me a copy of the book written by Bedford Fenwick in 1930; I would be very happy to pay any expenses incurred. My husband’s family is originally from Northumberland, but I am having trouble with a few connections. My address is:- Mrs. C. Fenwick, 8 Magarey Street, Berri, South Australia, 5343 Australia. email;- colleenfenwick@bigpond.com


      • Wendy Appleton

        Hi Colleen,
        I recently viewed the Bedford Fenwick book at the British Library in London. A fascinating book!
        I am from the Fenwicks of Wallington branch of the family. My grandmother is Evelyn Grace Fenwick, daughter of Edgar Thomas Fenwick, from South Australia.
        I took at lot of information from the book … it is a shame that I couldn’t buy it!! Let me know what branch of the Fenwick family your husband is from and I will look through the information I did get out of the book and see if any is relevant to you.

  2. Jane Fenwick

    I am very interested to hear about your book. I also have been trying to track down a copy of Bedford Fenwick’s book but unable too.
    When will your book be published please?

    My husbands family are Fenwicks of Northumberland.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Jane,

      My book is stiull a work in progress, I am afraid.


    • Wendy Appleton

      Hi Jane.
      I recently viewed the Bedford Fenwick book at the British Library in London. A fascinating book!
      I am from the Fenwicks of Wallington branch of the family. I took at lot of information from the book … it is a shame that I couldn’t buy it!!
      Let me know what branch of the Fenwick family your husband is from and I will look through the information I did get out of the book and see if any is relevant to you.

  3. Stewart Fenwick

    I would be very keen to get my hands on a copy of the family tree also Graham.

  4. I was interested to read about the life of Major Ian Fenwick. You might be interested to know that before he joined the SAS he was very active in the secret British Resistance Organisation (known as Auxiliary Units) set up in 1940 in advance of a German invasion. see http://www.staybehinds.com


    Bill Ashby

  5. Looking for details of the marriage of Major Ian Fenwick (1910-1944) whose address in 1938 was The Lodge, Market Overton, Rutland. Name of spouse, children and grand children if any,

  6. Hi, I am a biographer of Daniel Defoe. In research for a recent book I discover that on his paternal side Defoe was the ‘son’ of Edward Fenwick and Sir Sir John Fenwick, the norous Jacobite executed for implication in the plot to kill William iii was his uncle.. What I have not been able to work out is the name of his biological mother (not Sarah Neville).

  7. Sue

    Hi, I would be very interested in your book and anyone else’s research into the Fenwick name. My Fenwick family history research has so far got me to Bethnal Green (East London) in the 1850/70s when mother’s maiden name were used as the son’s middle name (eg Graham Rolfe Davis Fenwick). Very happy to hear from any Fenwick who hails from Medway/Kent or East London and thinks they may be related to me. (My father was born in Gravesend, Kent in the 1920s).

    • Sue

      My Dad: Graham Rolfe Davis Fenwick, only son of Ralph Henry Dawees Fenwick (“Joe”, born 1896 Gravesend, died 1962 Dartford, licensed victualler Prince Albert pub in Gravesend, also shoeshop Perry Street Gravesend) married Ivy May Lilian (nee Davis) b 1899 Milton Gravesend, died 1984 Northfleet. Ralph’s Dad was John Empson Fenwick b1854 Bethnal Green bookmaker, married Ada Dawes b 1862 Gravesend. John Empson’s dad was Robert Fenwick carpenter born about 1821 who married Ann (nee Chapman) or Anna, born about 1822. That’s as far back as I’ve got with tracing Fenwicks. Do those names fit in anyone else’s family trees? (I’ve got further back on Ivy’s side, all the way to Ambrose Davis born 1775 in Northfleet).

      • Sue

        Any date yet for when your book will be published too please? I will definitely want to buy a copy. Thanks.

      • Sue

        Hi, I’ve got further back with my own family Fenwick research now. Robert Fenwick’s Dad, also called Robert Fenwick was born 1797 Luddington (Lincs) and lived to 80, worked as a blacksmith and married 1817 in Holy Trinity Church in Hull to Martha Empson born 1792. They had 6 children and Martha also had a son from a previous marriage. After Martha died/left/divorced (haven’t found that out yet), Robert remarried to Ann, born 1797 in Fulham (Lincs). The 80 year old Robert lived in his last years in Luddington with one of his sons, Parkin (married with 2 children also all living with him) and a servant.
        The 80 year old Robert was the son of another Robert Fenwick, born 1769 also Luddington, lived to 1829 who married Mary Wells in Witheringham, Lincs. Mary was daughter of John Wells who on 1763 married Prudence (Hattersley/Attersley) also in Witheringham. Martha Empson was daugher of John Empson and Christiana, of Luddington. So at least a couple of generations of Luddington/Lincs links there.
        Best wishes,

  8. Hi Sue,
    Let me know the name and details (dob etc) you have for your oldest ancestor, and I will keep an eye out.
    As a matter of coincidence, my grandmother Mary Maud Fenwick married a Davis.

  9. Would love to have a copy of your book when finished, as my husband’s ancestors came from northumberland; would also dearly love to get a copy or print out of Bedford Fenwick’s edition. colleenfenwick@bigpond.com

    • Wendy Appleton

      Hi Colleen.
      I recently viewed the Bedford Fenwick book at the British Library in London. A fascinating book!
      I have lots of information from out of the book. Can you tell me which branch of the Fenwick Family you are from and I will look through my information from the book and see if there is anything relevant.

  10. Benjamin Tyke Fenwick

    I am a descendant Cuthbert Fenwick founder of Maryland 1634.

    I have some photos of Stephan Ignatius Fenwick 1800 s and his family.

    My great great grandpa and grandma their children etc

  11. Bridgette Kennedy

    I’m a relative of the South Australian Fenwick family or shall say de la finch … where can I get a copy of this book?

  12. Wendy Appleton

    I am a relative of the South Australian Fenwick family. My great Grandfather was Edgar Thomas Fenwick. My 3rd great Grandfather is Henry Fenwick. I would love to know more information about Henry.
    When will your book be complete and purchaseable?

  13. Hello
    I am desperately trying to identify Captain Fenwick who was the English father of Louis Philippe Remy Fenwick de Porquet who was born in the Pas-de-Calais departement of France in 1796. His mother’s maiden name was Porquet. Louis wrote the French text books in use in British schools in the 19th century. He came to England at the age of 19 and married Eliza Mary Wedlake, daughter of Thomas and Mary Wedlake who owned the iron foundary in Hornchurch, Essex. He was also a publisher working from 11 Tavistock Street in London. If you have come across anyone who might be related to Louis, but especially his father, I would be grateful. If you want any more information about Louis then I will be happy to oblige.

  14. Sue

    Any news on the book yet please? The Fenwicks I have found so far are: Ralph Henry Dawes Fenwick (b 1896 Gravesend,d 1962 Dartford, victualler of Prince Albert pub in Gravesend and also master shoemaker with shop at 119 Perry Street, Gravesend), John Fenwick (b 1886 Gravesend, Board School Probationer), Annie Fenwick (b 1891 Bethnal Green), William Fenwick (b 1893 Gravesend), John Empson Fenwick (b 1854 Bethnal Green, bootmaker), Ada (nee Dawes) Fenwick, b 1862 Gravesend, Robert Fenwick (carpenter) husband of Ann (nee Chapman). Thanks! Sue scr27@cam.ac.uk

  15. I was interested in Deborah’s request. I cannot help her directly but it is helpful to me to know she has identified Fenwick’s in Paris. I am a biographer of Daniel Defoe. I have published a proof that Defoe was the illegitimate son of Daniel Foe, a Northamptonshire farmer and Sarah Neville towards the end 1643 when she was already married to Sir Edward Fenwick of Stanton, Northumberland, There were two branches of Fenwick’s at the time: one based in Wallington and the other at Stanton House. I would be grateful for any information about these Fenwick’s.

    • Wendy Appleton

      Hi John,
      I recently viewed the Bedford Fenwick book at the British Library in London. A fascinating book!
      I am from the Fenwicks of Wallington branch of the family. I took at lot of information from the book … it is a shame that I couldn’t buy it!!
      I would be happy to email an relevant information to you. Please email me (Vicgirl78@yahoo.com.au).

  16. Robert
    I would love to see your draft pages on Wallington and Stanton. Any chance?

  17. Georgia Coleridge

    My grandfather had a family picture of Captain Robert Fenwick(e) and his wife Isabella Orde, plus her sister Ann Orde by a mildly famous painter called Bardwell. With Norham castle (Orde property) in the background. I think Capt Robert Fenwick lived at Lemmington, Nr Edlingham Northumberland, and his son Nicholas Fenwick turned the ancient old house into Lemmington Hall. (Apparently he commissioned it in 1750 though he was only born in 1750 – ah the joys of ancestor research!) The triple portrait is now in the Laing Museum Newcastle. Somehow my grandfather inherited it via his grandfather Robert Fenwick Mills- a clue that the Mills family of Tapton Grove, Chesterfield married into the Fenwicks somehow, but I can’t quite trace it. If you have any clues do let me know And do have have a look at the Fenwick pic on the internet. Best wishes Georgia

    • Paul Fenwick

      Good Day Georgia,
      Capt Robert Fenwick was my Great great great great great Grandfather, his daughter Elizabeth Fenwick married a Henry Mills some time in the late 1700’s. Thats all I have never followed that line any further!

  18. If you have a look at Fanny Chapman’s diary now on line at https://fannychapmansdiary.wordpress.com/ you will find that Fanny’s uncle John Hutton Cooper proposed to Mrs Fenwick (have a look in 1808 and 1809). Then she ditched him for Mr Hodgson “the infamous seducer of many of the girls in the Asylum”. (the Rev Septimus Hodgson https://books.google.fr/books?id=KZYuAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA27&lpg=PA27&dq=rev+septimus+hodgson&source=bl&ots=z1cmGJDCYg&sig=9EbeEL3ccJnLgGjpsv4K_3rKBz0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CC4Q6AEwBGoVChMIjf7Z44jnxwIVBNYaCh2vBAsR#v=onepage&q=rev%20septimus%20hodgson&f=false) about whom I am sure you know. Cooper left Mrs F 500 guineas in an early will later revoked.

  19. I am swamped by my law practice (and about to move house) at the moment; I will get to the detail of these welcome comments as soon as I am able. In the meantime, it is clear that there are number of us who would like to have access to Bedford Fenwick’s book; if anyone has the means to make a pdf of the book available (I think it is out of copyright) that would be very welcome.

  20. Wendy Appleton

    I recently viewed the Bedford Fenwick book at the British Library in London.

    I copied the family trees out of the book. Also copied a few other bits of information out of the book.

    Happy to share. Email me at Vicgirl78@yahoo.com.au.


  21. John Richard Fenwick

    I also would be very keen to purchase a copy on publication.
    My personal interest is in the Yorkshire Fenwick’s

  22. David Bromwich

    A William Henry Fenwick b abt. 1880 (? In England) married Gertrude Agnes Cave nee Avery (b 1875) on 3 Feb 1920 at St. Margaret, Anfield, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Gertrude was the widow of Herbert Cave (1878-1912) a First Class Saloon Steward on the Titanic. Cave’s body (#218) was recovered and buried in Halifax, Canada. Recovered with his body was a list of some of the first class passenger’s accommodation, the “Cave List”. I have no further details on Fenwick, but expect Gertrude would have experienced some celebrity after the Titanic sank.

  23. William Fenwick

    Gooday, I like many others have been digging deep into the Fenwick clan history and like many others I have encountered a brick wall around Kirkwhelpington / Bellingham area c1700/1800. I have some stops and starts with a john Fenwick (b.1673)m………… and John Fenwick (b.1693) m. Sarah Askew. I would be grateful for any leads or information with regards to these Fenwicks or any other tracks that I may persue. Unfortunately I cannot offer any sparkling facet of the Fenwick line as I believe they were in the main lowly survivors of times gone by and probably made a crust from share farming or cattle rustling. Bill Fenwick

  24. Laurence Kevin Fenwick

    Dear Mr. Robert Fenwick Elliott,
    Your book project has excited my imagination. Like you, I am a writer, and my passion has led me to write about the Fenwick clan history. For instance, on the occasion of the birth of my third grandchild, I wrote the following short, simple piece:

    Antoine Marcel Fenwick (born in Torrance, CA USA in 2016) son of Battiste Paul Fenwick / filmmaker (born in Maisons-Laffitte, France in 1983) and Esther Julie-Anne Shubinski (born in Clermont-Ferrand, France in 1981) son of Laurence Kevin Fenwick / writer (born in Pasadena, CA USA in 1953) and Marie-Christine Carreté (born in Ivry, France in 1953) son of Thomas Clinton Fenwick / mechanical engineer (born in Kalamazoo, MI USA in 1928 — died in 2006) and Helen Louise Laughln (born in [Eugene?], OR USA in 1933) son of Laurence Holcomb Fenwick / salesman (born in Summit, NJ USA in 1899 — died in 1972) and Marguerite Ward (born in London, OH USA in 1907 — died in 1978) son of Thomas Emery Fenwick / textiles-merchant (born in — from? — Richmond, Yorkshire England in 1853 — died in XXXX) and Mabel Wilson (born in Delagny, County Wicklow Ireland in 1867 — died in XXXX) son of John Fenwick (born in XXXXXX, XXX XXXXX in XXXX — died in XXXX) and Mary XXXXXXXX (born in XXXXXX, XXX XXXXX in XXXX — died in XXXX) son of The Yorkshire Fenwicks (?), descendants of The Border Reiver Fenwicks (?), a story lost in the mists of time . . .

    If anyone can help me fill in the blanks, or extend this “story” back in time, I would be extremely happy to hear from you at kevin.cfg@wanadoo.fr. Cheers!

  25. Stewart Fenwick

    Robert (or others)
    I was delighted to discover my ancestor was from a Scots branch – is there any indication of how this line came about – common border roots??

  26. David Leighr

    I have Fenwick ancestors
    John William Fenwick Sr. B: 1797 in Winchester, VA. Died in Morrill, Maine 15 June 1864..
    Married Lucretia Nichols of Prospect Maine. She was born 1815 and died at Islesboro on 5 Feb 1883 aged 67.
    Mary Ann Fenwick born 24 May 1835, married Adam P. Nichols
    copied from Genealogical History of Morrill Maine page 148
    Would be interested if this lineage is in your book.
    Mary and Adam are my great great grandparents.
    Thank you,
    David Leighr
    Missouri, USA

    • Sue Rogers

      Hi David, I don’t have either of those Fenwicks in my lineage. Mine are all in Lincs/Yorkshire/London.
      Best wishes, Sue

      • Jane Fenwick

        Hello, My husbands family are Fenwick’s from North Northumberland.
        Game keepers at Middleton near Belford and not far from the village of Fenwick. My husbands grandfather then became head fans keeper for the Queen at Windsor (Bill Fenwick who died last year) His wife, Nancy Fenwick was the keep of the corgis for 40 years.
        Great grandparents are buried in North Yorkshire.

        Can you please let me know when the book on the Fenwick’s maybe published and how I can get a copy?
        Thank you

      • Jane Fenwick

        Sorry, I meant head game keeper at Windsor

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