armsI will be sworn in as an Australian citizen on 26th January.

The local council, who do the swearing thing, have asked for “a brief couple of paragraphs with your history as where you have come from and why you have chosen to settle in the Yankalilla District. This information will be used to introduce you to the community.”

My paragraphs are as follows:

My grandfather James Elliott was a Queenslander and my grandmother Gwendolyn Manton was a South Australian. They moved to England for my grandfather’s work, my father Dennis was born in England, and that is where I was brought up. Around my grandfather’s Sunday lunch table in London, I regularly met family and friends from Australia, and indeed other parts of the Commonwealth.

I moved to Australia some years ago after a career in the law, based in London but often requiring travel around the world.

I chose my present home, on the hill above Myponga Beach, because it was then permissible to take my dog Perdita for a run on the beach at the end of the day’s work, and until the present dog ban was introduced, that daily ritual was the greatest pleasure of living here.

I am retaining my UK citizenship, so will have dual nationality. Unhappily, dogs are now banned from running on the beach (it seems they frighten the foxes which eat the local hooded plovers), so neither I nor Perdita nor young Mercutio have been getting the exercise we need.


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3 responses to “Citizenship

  1. Juliette isles

    Maybe the authorities could consider out of season dog walking on Myponga beach as they do in Eastbourne in the UK. Anyway hope you enjoy your swearing in ceremony and with regard to Dennis Elliott I had the privilege of knowing and working with Dennis and Audrey Elliott in the 1980s – what a lovely and inspirational couple they were 😊

  2. Colin Jarry-Ryan

    Bonne chance mon ami!
    Mercutio needs to be introduced … photo?

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