Payback time

Anne WClearly, UK politics is presently in something of a state of stalemate. It is 2-2.

On one side, we have the majority of the British people, and the British government, who want Brexit to happen. On the other side, we have the majority of Parliament and the courts, who do not want Brexit to happen. The Remainers in the House of Commons to not want to admit that they were lying through their teeth when they made their election promises to honour the result of the Brexit referendum, and so their policy is to obstruct and delay at every turn. The judges on the Supreme Court do not want to admit that they have now entered the political arena, but they will, if they possibly can, declare illegal anything the government does that gives effect to the democratic result of the 2016 referendum.

This wouldn’t be a problem, but for the Fixed Term Parliament Act. But for that ill-considered measure, there would be a general election by now, the Remainers would have been cleared out of Parliament and then it would be 3-1 for Brexit. Easy.

In the end, there will have to be a general election. Presumably, the Remainers are hoping that if they put it off long enough, the British economy will have been trashed, and the British people will have lost hope of ever gaining their freedom.

So maybe the government should chivvy things along a bit. The advantage that Parliament has is that it can, with the assistance of a conniving speaker, pass legislation to prevent any move towards Brexit. The advantage that the government has is that it has a huge number of powers, which it can exercise with machine-gun rapidity. The trick for the government will be to ramp up the fire rate. Here are some thoughts on what the government might do in the next two or three days:

  • Appoint Anne Widdecombe as the U.K.’s Commissioner to the EU. That should drive the EU completely crazy – they will want Brexit achieved absolutely asap;
  • Tell all the Scots that they have to go and live in Scotland. They will hate it; it’s freezing cold there and they would have to put up with the Poison Dwarf moaning away all day long;
  • In the interests of fairness, we might tell all the Irish that they have to go back to Ireland. The Welsh can stay; they voted for Brexit;
  • Tell the EU that it cannot have any more money until it gets its accounts signed off by the auditors. Since almost every facet of the EU is financially corrupt, this will take quite a while;
  • Appoint James Delingpole as a peer;
  • Appoint Nigel Farage as UK Ambassador in Washington;
  • Reduce the salary of Supreme Court judges to that of primary school teachers;
  • Instruct the Royal Nave to fire a heavyweight round into FV Margiris every time it kills another dolphin;
  • Arrest Remainer protesters who breach the peace, and make them serve their remand in the bilges of EU-mandated live sheep-export ships.

We need lots of initiatives like this over the coming days and, if need be, weeks.





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