dietWhilst waiting for the medical profession to provide me with a new hip in the New Year, I have been a lot less active than usual, which has unsurprisingly led to my putting on a bit of weight.

There seem to be two major drawbacks to going on a diet.  The first is that diets are unpleasant, leaving one hungry and/or having to eat ghastly food. The second is that they rarely work in the long term.

I am trying a fasting diet, of sorts. No dinner. The idea is that I can have what I like for breakfast and lunch, but then at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the shutter comes down: nothing to eat or drink except water until the next morning.

Obviously, this is good, in that I’m not required to eat raw carrots, lettuce or fish sticks. Surprisingly, after several days on this regime, it is not nearly as annoying as one might think. Ordinarily, I would, pretty much every evening, have a pre-prandial snifter – typically whisky – and then some wine with dinner. But if there is no dinner, I do not miss either of these things. Or the dinner itself.

Will it work?  I suppose it might, if I keep it up. But it is hardly conducive to one’s social life. Eating and drinking with one’s family and friends in the evening is quite important one’s contact with other people.

So maybe I’ll allow myself a couple of exceptions a week?

Either that or become a hermit?


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One response to “Weighting

  1. Colin Jarty-Ryan

    Robert … you need to stop thinking of “diet” as a verb and see it as a noun. You have had a “diet” for the whole of your life and it simply needs changing. This change doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

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