Scared, or Scary?

cat in microwave 2What little Greta Thunberg had to say to the UN’s, is like her other utterances, complete tosh. Children are not being murdered by greedy industrialists. There are no entire ecosystems which are collapsing. We are not experiencing any mass extinction.

But here’s a question. Is she genuinely scared witless? Or is she a manipulative little vixen?

It might be a mixture of the two, of course. But it is hard not to believe that there might be a fair bit of the latter. Not all manipulative children suffer from Aspergers Syndrome, but it appears to be well documented that children suffering from Aspergers are particularly likely to indulge in manipulative behaviour. As noted by the website My Asperger’s Child, the manipulation can take various forms, includingManipulative

  • Temper Tantrums: The standard temper tantrum is an example of a type of manipulation found in kids on the autism spectrum. In this situation, the youngster makes a request calmly. It may be unreasonable. When the youngster does not get his way, he may meet this negative response with yelling, destroying things, banging, stomping and even insulting people on a United Nations stage.[1]

Mass delusion is, unhappily, far from uncommon. Wittingly or otherwise, it seems this child is rather good at it.

If you prefer your climate science without the trembling voice and the wobbling lower lip, the clever and balanced Dr Judith Curry is more likely to be your cup of tea. I’m grateful to her for drawing my attention to this post of a few weeks ago about Antarctica. We have all known for a long time (well, apart from little Greta of course)[2] that whilst there has been some ice melting on the smaller part of Antarctica – West Antarctica – the 80% of the continent which is East Antarctica has steadily been getting colder, and collecting more ice. What has not been at all obvious is why this should be so. It turns out that it has been known now for a year or so that there has been much more subsea volcanic activity associated with the Western Antarctic Rift than was previously known. The long and the short of it is that the ice melt in West Antarctica is nothing to do with the climate at all, and everything to do with geothermal activity. The post notes:

11           The Pine Island Glacier: This is a long narrow glacier adjacent to the Hudson Mountains volcanic region. It is a creation of the main fault that runs through the WAR. For many years, the Pine Island Glacier has been for a long time held up as a victim of AGW and it served as a vivid case study in the public eye of the concern that man made climate change was melting glaciers [LINK] . But it was more than that. It was used by climate science in research papers and in news media presentations both as proof of AGW and also as a vivid visual rationale for climate action to prevent catastrophic sea level rise and for the longer term, to save the planet from the effects of AGW.

12           However, in 2018, researchers at the National Science Foundation (NSF) made a surprising discovery that jolted the climate science community. They found an active volcano beneath the Pine Island Glacier that was erupting. It then became evident that the glacial melt that had been attributed to AGW and held up as a climate change poster child to the point of proving AGW, was actually the creation of an erupting sub-glacial volcano.

But more to the point is the Marie Byrd Mantle Plume Hotspot:

15           The Marie Byrd Mantle Plume Hotspot is outlined in red in the image below. A mantle plume hotspot is a large area of magma that comes up from the mantle of the inner earth, goes up through layers of rock until obstructed when it spreads out into a mushroom shape over a widespread area. If it is under a sufficient pressure, the magma can break through to the atmosphere as a volcanic eruption. The shaded red areas on the map are graphical representations of NASA ice melt data from 1992-2019. Red shaded areas identify locations of melting and the darker the red color, the more intense the melting. These red areas are found close to the edge of the Marie Byrd Mantle Plume. These data suggest that the mantle plume is the cause of the observed ice melt.  


It is good to see some real science, instead of hysterical activist rants.



[1] I made those last seven words up. What they actually say is “rolling on the floor”.

[2] All right, and you George Mobiot.

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