Bounced in

chicken-wire.jpgGraham Potter, of the wonderful Country Gates, has been making a gate and and now a new front door for The Phenelry. Long ago, he farmed. Indeed, he used once to own the land on which The Phenelry now stands. And so he is well-qualified to give me useful advice as to why my wisterias have not been doing well.


The rotters have been eating the wisteria shoots and leaves as soon as they appear.

So I put up some chicken wire today, which will hopeful give the poor wisteria a better chance.

Once the wisteria reaches the top of the pergola, then I can remove the chicken wire, and the kangaroos will be welcome to do some low level pruning for me. The wisterias’ long-term job is to provide dappled shade for my verandah in the summer.

I was wondering why there has been so much kangaroo poo so close to the house.

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