Angling for Pain


Photo by Kara Murphy

Am I alone in think that there is really something rather cruel about fishing?

Think of it from the fish’s point of view, There you are, quieting going about your business, enjoying a spot of lunch. Then suddenly – BAM! – something the size of a ship’s anchor and as sharp as a kitchen knife is embedded in your upper jaw. It is excruciatingly painful, of course, and it is barbed, so there is no escape.

This thing – the worst thing that has ever happened to you – is attached to a line, and the line gets pulled. It drives the barbed hook yet further into your jaw. You might fight, perhaps for as much as half-an-hour, but there is no escape. Relentlessly, you are pulled up and up until you hit a toxic environment where you cannot breathe.

Here is where luck cuts in. A few things might happen to you:

  • A huge monster might, with or without the aid of some bolt cutters and/or giant pliers, rip some or all of the anchor out from your jaw. Then he, or sometimes she, might throw you back into your own environment, thus demonstrating that this exercise in torture was just a bit of a fun for them. That is your best possibility (not an option; you have no options);
  • Next best: the monster might hit you over the head with something massive, which kills you outright. Your pain is over;
  • Or, after the bolt cutter thing (see above) you get thrown into a bucket, where you die slowly.

After the second or third of these, you might or might not get cut up and eaten. But you would not care about that, being dead.

I am not a vegetarian, and I eat meat, but I do not go to an abattoir and kill animals for fun.

Hey ho. It takes all sorts.


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2 responses to “Angling for Pain

  1. Liz Runciman

    Especially big game fishing where it is considered ‘sport’ to wrestle with a large fish for hours for the purpose of posing grinning with the dead creature.

  2. Annabel Fenwick Elliott

    Be rational. It is surely equally as cruel to pay someone else to this for you as to do it yourself. Makes no difference to the poor fish who is holding the rod.

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