Animal Kingdom

Most visitors are welcome here at The Phenelry.

Percival is a cutie – I have always liked hares. They seem to do no damage, and Pervical is a friendly chap. They are surprisingly large animals – on the move he looks not much smaller than a small deer.


The ducks, William and Kate, are equally harmless. I do have in mind to get them a duckhouse for the dam, but that is still on my to-do list.

William and Kate

Paris is perfectly pleasant young chap. He is welcome to come and get a drink at the dam.


Bruce is much less welcome. He is the big boss on the local kangaroo mob, with big balls. He craps prodigiously on my lawn. I am working on a training technique for him.


Evelyn is a red-bellied black, and is a sort of slithery angel, who hangs out around the dam. These snakes are shy, only biting if seriously provoked, and not very poisonous. Human victims (i.e. those silly enough to seriously provoke them) typically experience only mild or negligible symptoms, according to, with no recorded fatalities according to But they do eat brown snakes, which one does really not want around (they can deliver a very nasty nip).  There are no brown snakes that have been seen around here, so I guess that is thanks to Evelyn.


I also get foxes, deer etc, but they do not really live there, and do not have names. And frogs, of course. If you want to know where the frogs are, ask Evelyn.



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