Corbyn Proved Right!

piers-corbynAlthough his website site does have a somewhat deranged feel to it, Piers Corbyn (brother of the more famous Jeremy) seems to have been correct in his long-range forecasts of the present cold and snowy weather in the UK and elsewhere.

Piers is not only much cleverer than his brother, but is free to say what he really thinks. And to indulge his propensity  to crow a bit about the fact that his forecasts are consistently more accurate than those of the Met Office. It is all a bit counter-intuitive. The Met Office looks all solid and dependable, but in fact is ridden with barking-mad climate change group-think nonsense. Conversely, Piers looks as mad as a March hare, but time after time events, as they have unfolded, have vindicated his forecasts. Which is, after all, the gold standard of real science. This reversal of the norm is rare, but then again, we live in strange times.

Here are a few of Piers’ observations about weather, climate and others things at his website/twitter feed:

(Jan 20-21) COLD SNOWY blasts hit in tail of east-moving Lows both sides of Atlantic following our R5 period Jan17-19+-1d.
(Jan 17) Our WeatherAction TopRed (R5) period Jan 17-19+-1d of solar-earth weather effect is being superbly confirmed by amazing snow-blizzard deluges, thunder-snow and snow-whirlwinds in parts of the NH – see twitter feed @Piers_Corbyn
WeatherAction is involved in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate 
where we point out that the world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any observable effect on weather or climate in the real world. 
There are no scientists in the world who can produce such observational data and we challenge anyone reading this to send us such observational evidence from the real world or find someone who can and get them to produce it. There is only effect the other way, namely that ocean temperatures control average CO2 levels due to basic laws of physics about the soluability of CO2 gas in (sea) water. Boris Johnson, the (then) Mayor of London has expressed interest in what we say: see article
WeatherAction supports True-Green-Policies to defend biodiversity and wild-life and reduce chemical and particulate pollution and points out that CO2 is not a pollutant but the Gas-Of-Life (plant food).
WHY YOU SHOULD BACK =Only ! 1 It’s a DEMOCRATIC DECISION. 2 ALL the threats for a pro-Brexit vote were PURE LIES. 3 for people +() has PROVEN RECORD of Loss, cuts & rampant crisis in
!! = -Lying FakeGreen scum. FACT are the second most environmentally destructive means of producing energy – after whale oil. See for more on . RT
He could do with a bit of guidance as to how to come across in a more persuasive manner.
But as a matter of context, you have to pinch yourself and stand back at some of the soapy nonsense from the floppsies. They tell us that all these exceptional blizzards are the result of global warming. You would have to be really gullible to swallow that. Then again, for hundreds of years people believed (and alarming numbers still do) that an omnipotent God shows his love for us by raining down copious doses of pestilence and war.

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