My vegetable love

WP_20180108_001Normally, I am not really, really keen on too many vegetables. That said, I am warming, quite a bit, to my new vegetable garden.

Never having had such a thing before, I am something of an amateur. But it turns out to be rather good. Chard, freshly picked and wilted with fried onion, turns out to be surprisingly good to eat – like spinach only more subtle. As do the beetroots: pull ‘em out, wash ‘em and chop ‘em and then straight into the oven for baking. Courgettes have been appearing in abundance. And the tomatoes will be red soon – they are already smelling good.

Still wary of lettuce. But overall, this is changing my diet a fair bit right now.

If it was good enough for Andrew Marvell, maybe good enough for me?


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