ThermometerIn Numbers, in the Bible, Jehovah was really quite mean to the poor Jews. Eg Chapter 21:

6 And the LORD sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.

It is a wonder that they put up with Him.

Anyway, my numbers are:

31oC by 5.00 am this morning, with a stiff Northerly breeze. It is going to be warm today.

So far, I have lost 2½ kilos since Christmas. I was starting to get decidedly overweight.

40,222 is the number of litres of rainwater I have left in my tanks. Unless it rains soon (unlikely) my calculations show that I will run out of water by early February. There is no mains water here. So that will mean trucking some in.

3,501 is the number of additional public servants in South Australia since the State Government announced that it was spending $450,000,000 in its drive to reduce the number of public servants. That spending included paying off 76 year-olds to retire.

962 is the number of people who have signed the Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs petition.

283 kWh of electricity generated from my rooftop panels this week. Of that, I used 180 kWh myself and put 162 kWh into the grid. I am not sure what happened to the rest.

2 minutes is the time that Tesla’s new battery can supply the State’s power needs if there is another state-wide power failure. There is no number for how much that battery cost the taxpayer, because the State Government is keeping it a secret. As it is the cost of the 276MW of diesel generators the State Government has just bought, for when the battery runs out.

4 is the number of Perdita’s paws that are persistently full of wild grass seed.



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