Big fire, if it’s close…

…and it was close. All along one side of my property. At one stage I was fighting it toe to toe with a garden hose where the bottom of the sheoaks were catching. Happily, the professionals soon turned up. At its worst, it got 15 yards or so in, setting fire to some mulch.

But the house is fine. My housekeeper did not even stop her usual round of dusting and hoovering.

Several fire bombers, both planes and helicopters, were onto it. Happily, there was water in my dam, which the fire engines were able to refill from.  More fires were breaking out, and the Country Fire Service were responding, hours later. They say they will be here all night, watching for more resurgences.

I gulped a bit too much smoke doing the garden hose thing. But apart from that, all good.


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  1. Liz Runciman

    Elvis was in the room!

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