I cannot recall why I am on Pinterest. It must have been when I was looking for something or the other. Something useful, like a solid wooden front door, or a cast-iron knocker, or an armillary sphere, or a Georgian-cut shirt or a theorbo.

leggingsAnyway, they sent me this image. Now, I have never given any indication to Pinterest that I want long leggings. I have not the necessary gender, nor the legs, nor any cross-dressing tendencies. Besides, it is warm here – no one needs long leggings. Why would Pinterest assume I want long leggings? That said, they do look good.

Perhaps fortune will send me a tall, slender, elegant wife one day, and if global warming turns out to be a complete nonsense (likely enough) she might need a pair of these?


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  1. Robert, I think you would look great in those leggings.

    They were made for you!

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