Myponga News

The dashboard from my new solar panels tells the story: so much cloud and rain at the end of this past week that the batteries had not even fully recharged each day:


Not that it mattered much; I was too busy working. However, the sun came out again today, so I was able to swim:


There is growing to be done. The new Pierre de Ronsard roses need to cover the new arch that my builder is busy taming with a sort of thumbscrew:


And the honeysuckle and jasmine need to get to work, growing up the less stressed latticing needed to cover the ugly water tanks:


My lovely neighbours have kindly offered to let me remove the three rightmost trees on their land to enhance the view down the valley. Am I planting enough elsewhere to make up for them?


My moa awaits news:


As does Perdita:


Through the usual channels:


Meanwhile, I always have the option of night swimming


Until such time as the pell mell on the other side becomes a proper croquet lawn:


Ha ha! Oh for the day when I will have time to play croquet again!


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