Why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Why Feminism Widens the Divide between Rich and Poor

MarilynThere is a theory about why gentlemen prefer blondes which started as a sort of academic joke. It goes like this. It is much easier to tell whether a blonde woman is healthy or not.  Sick blondes look red and blotchy, whereas illnesses in brunettes, with their darker skin, are harder to spot. But then evolutionists tended to take the theory a bit more seriously; after all, there is indeed an evolutionary advantage for a man in choosing a healthy-looking blonde as a mate, since he can be better assured that she will be able to bear and look after healthy children.

Not all that far up the road from this theory is one about feminism. Before feminism, there was relatively little opportunity really smart men to meet really smart women. They would meet the children of their parents’ friends, of course, and their neighbours. They really wouldn’t meet many women at all at university, because there were very few women at university. If they qualified as young doctors, it would meet nurses, and if they joined an office, they would meet secretaries.  Some nurses and secretaries are smart, but not all.

Now, there is much more opportunity for really smart men to meet really smart women. As fellow students at university. As colleagues in their professional life. And in every other environment where a changing attitude to the role of women has meant that women now go where they did not formally go. And, by and large, really smart man tend to be attracted to really smart women, and vice versa. They tend to get married to each other, and have children. And since the parents are smart, they typically do pretty well in life; the evidence shows that a high IQ is the best predictor of socio-economic success. Meanwhile, their children tend to inherit their parents’ smart genes.

Of course it is the case that children of parents of high socio-economic status have some material advantages in life. They typically go to better schools, are exposed to more intelligent conversation at home and are more likely to get some financial help as a “leg up” in early adulthood. But it turns out that by far the greatest advantage that they have is none of those things: the inheritance that really matters is their genes. There are exceptions, of course, but the children of parents with high IQs are far more likely to have a high IQ themselves than the children of parents with low IQs.

And so we are seeing the gradual disappearance of the traditional upper-class twit. The class divide gets wider. The rich are cleverer, and so they get richer. The poor get left behind.

Not only other rich getting richer, but they’re getting better looking. Really smart men are getting the opportunity to meet lots of smart women, including good-looking ones. So they tend to choose the ones who are not only smart, but also look good. And so there is some tendency for the upper classes to grab the best looking genes.

And the turbocharger is migration. People move around much more than they used to. And so the choice for the really smart men increasingly includes really smart good-looking women with some genetic diversity. And we all know that genetic diversity is a really good thing for selective breeding.

Is there any stopping this? I doubt it.

And as for the dumb blondes? I rather doubt that they were dumb in the first place.


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