Electric soup

invertersI have been installing a lot of solar panels on my roof. And in the garage, inverters and battery etc.

This is not because I am a fan of solar power, or this State’s Government’s obsession with renewables. Just the opposite. I think that that obsession will lead to yet more massive increases in mains electricity prices here, and even more power cuts. The home battery bit is expensive, but one needs it, apparently, to maintain power during the power cuts (you would have thought that you could use the electricity coming from the panels. But you can’t.  That has to go into the grid, and if the grid is off, it’s thank you and goodnight.)

Already, my taxes do not lead to much return. I have

  • No mains water (I collect my water from the roof);
  • No rubbish collection (I burn as much as possible);
  • No mail deliveries (I have to collect from the post office in the local township of Myponga);
  • No sewerage (I have my own Envirocycle system);
  • No mains gas (I use bottled gas for cooking on the hob);
  • A very poor telephone line, incapable of carrying an internet connection;
  • Very poor mobile telephone reception (I had to put in an 8 metre high antenna);
  • No road surface (the road I live on is just a strip of dirt).

So, with my own electricity generation, I will be even further off grid. I bake my own bread, and am putting in a raised vegetable garden.

Some of the tax I pay goes on useful things, like defence. Although it turns out that Australia’s missile defence system is pretty much useless against the North Koreans’ missiles.  Mostly, the tax goes on things I do not want, like endless propaganda for potty flopsy causes, traffic policemen to make driving on the roads a dangerous misery, prosecutions to interfere with taking the dog for a walk, far too many politicians and generally, armies of bureaucrats seeking to control my and everyone else’s life.  Still, it could be worse. It is worse in the EU.  And they have worse weather in Europe, which will get a whole load worse with the next ice age just around the corner.

The only way avoid tax, it seems, is not to earn anything, and not to buy or sell anything. Especially, do not buy power. No no. Not in South Australia. It is not only the most expensive State in Australia:


It is the most expensive in the world:


Which is hardly surprising, since they have demolished the main power station, and are relying on windmills. And Elon Musk. They have got him on board to provide the world’s biggest battery, for when the windmills fail.

muskNow that is a worry. Mr Musk is a man who seems to make an art of taking money out of the public purse, not putting it in. He will probably eat the State Government for breakfast.  Assuming that he is not off exploring space. So that the local economy will end up as even more of a basket case.

So, off grid is the place to be.  Whatever one needs, make it oneself.

I wonder if I could make my own whisky?  Might be tricky, since the government does its best to makes that illegal. Home made beer perhaps?



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