A Bit of Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs

Following the local Council’s abandonment of its absurd prosecution of me, Channel 7 News ran a short piece about it on TV this evening; see https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/36895842/myponga-lawyer-goes-to-extreme-lengths-to-fight-80-dog-fine/.

The episode has done nothing to make me any more kindly disposed to bad government.





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4 responses to “A Bit of Freedom for Fleurieu Dogs

  1. Liz Runciman

    Ridiculous over-reaction. I have a holiday house at Myponga Beach and used to enjoy seeing your dog having a lovely time running up and down in the waves. She never disturbed anyone let alone the plovers.

    • Thanks, Liz. There remains a problem, of course, that most of Myponga Beach is still designated as forbidden 24/7 for dogs running free.

      • Liz Runciman

        Well apparently. That’s if you can’t find a way through the thicket of new regulations specifying daylight/evening/summertime/wintertime hours in which your dogs can or can’t be off leash, AND in which areas of the beach. I’m afraid my two find all this difficult to negotiate.

  2. Liz Runciman

    Further to this, I’ve just received an email from the council about dogs: http://www.yankalilla.sa.gov.au/dogsonbeaches

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