Mr 50%

Sadiq Khan has condemned the London Bridge attack as ‘deliberate and cowardly’.

Well, it was plainly deliberate. But cowardly? I do not think so. The perpetrators must surely have known that there was a very real risk that they would be killed. And they were. Cruel? Yes. Irrational? Yes. Deplorable? Yes. Cowardly? No.  So Mr Khan is only 50% right.

Sadiq Khan is not the only one who has been talking pious nonsense about this. Several statements have been made to the effect that these terrorists are out of line with Islam. Well, actually, they are doing what the Koran requires. Happily, most Muslims ignore the many passages in the Koran requiring holy war against unbelievers, just as most Jews happily ignore all the bronze-age nonsense in Leviticus. There are getting on for 3 million Muslims in the UK. Probably, less than 1% of them think it is a good idea to follow the teachings of the Koran so far as to go around killing Christians. But that small proportion – less than 1% – is still quite a lot. There are some 23,000 “persons of interest” on the security forces’ radar in the UK right now.  Which is a lot.  Hopefully, not all of those 23,000 will go on to commit terrorist acts.

Solutions vary. Some stay, “Stop Muslim immigration”. But that is a very slow burn solution. It seems likely that most of the terrorist attacks over the next 25 years or so will be committed by Islamic nutters born in the the country they attack. The children of immigrant parents. France in particular is now paying the price for the immigration of the past.

Others say, “Make them integrate”. That is a good idea, but again, a slow burn.  Cultures change but slowly.

In the end, the terrorism of Irish Catholics – when they were killing people in mainland Britain – was controlled when the security forces just shot the known bombers dead. Not something that is much acknowledged, of course.  It turned out that there were relatively few of them actually doing the bombing, and when the security forces took the gloves off, people like Martin McGuinness though it prudent to stop killing and start talking.

A start would be to stop all the human rights nonsense that impedes the expulsions of Islamic extremists.

A good next step would be to strip extremists of encryption protection given them by the IT companies. And if they can shut down child porn sites, they can shut down Islamic extremist websites.

And above all, stop spouting pious nonsense. There are lovely and charming Irish Catholics, and lovely and charming Muslims. Neither should be a comfort blanket for the murderers that have bred in their midst.


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  1. Yes. To give up your life for a cause, however misguided, is not a cowardly act. I cannot imagine what would drive these young people to do what they do in the full knowledge that they will not survive or worse. However, murdering people will not solve it Robert. There are points of comparison with Ireland but not many. Any solution must predicate peace in the Middle East.

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